Auckland’s Best Hole-In-The-Wall Coffee Shops

By Olivia Atkinson
23rd Nov 2016

Auckland’s Best Hole-In-The-Wall Coffee Shops

Fact: coffee tastes better when it’s made from a hole in the wall. Don’t ask why, it just does. There’s something magical about rocking up to a little window, putting in an order and being treated to a fresh, made-with-love coffee to-go. It’s even more magical how the baristas manage to get into the teensy tiny spaces to begin with. Wizardry, we’re telling you.

If the wonderful world of small caffeine-serving stores is something you think you might be into, then read on. Here are nine of the best hole-in-the-wall coffee shops in Auckland.

Drummer Boy


Blink and you’ll miss it. Kingsland is home to Drummer Boy, one of the smallest hole-in-the-wall coffee joints in A-town. The two lads keep things simple serving coffee (black or white) and toast. Toast toppings include smashed egg, smashed avo, burnt banana, lemon curd and a weekly special. 

Camper Coffee


Newmarket, Camper Coffee has got your caffeine needs covered. Hidden away on Kent Street, this tiny spot will greet you with a friendly smile and send you away with a piping hot, silky coffee. We’re also massive fans of their teepee-adorned cups—some of the cutest coffee vessels in town.

Goodness Gracious

Eden Terrace

Bagels and coffee are two of the best things available for (wo)mankind, and Eden Terrace’s Goodness Gracious excels at them both. Stowed away on New North Road, Goodness Gracious might not be huge, but they definitely know what’s up when it comes to feeding and caffeinating the people of Auckland. Pop in for a coffee or go the full shebang and get yo’self a bagel (our pick is the Kransky).

Long + Short


What did Parnell do without Long + Short? This light, bright espresso bar keeps things simple with really great coffee and tasty baked goods from Atomic Kingsland’s HQ. There’s a bench to perch on inside but we recommend ordering from the street-side window for the ultimate hole-in-the-wall coffee shop experience.

Vulcan Lane Bagels

Auckland City

Another stellar spot proving that bagels and coffee are a match made in heaven. Situated on—you guessed it—Vulcan Lane, this dinky shop whips up bagels and strong coffee for hungry inner-city workers five days a week. And the best part? They have a bagel melt and coffee combo for just 9 bux!



So Nadu isn’t technically a hole in the wall, but stepping inside and you feel like you’ve discovered a cosy hidden gem. This espresso and juice bar is decked out with hanging pot plants, a tiny vintage couch and old school bikes lining the wall (bikes are now a form of wall art, FYI), which makes for the perfect place to get your coffee fix.


Multiple Locations

Coffix started as a coffee kiosk on K Road and now they’ve spread their wings to Britomart, Takapuna, Newmarket and the CBD. These caffeine hot spots serve up—wait for it—$2.50 (!) coffees using fair trade and organic beans. It’s basically a coffee lover’s dream come true.



Wander around the back streets of Ponsonby and you’re bound to stumble upon Roost. This concrete-clad beauty serves up coffee and bagels (yep, they’re definitely a things) on the corner of Vinegar Lane. It’s run by the same peeps as Vulcan Bagels so you know you’re going to be treated to some goodness.

Coffee Pen

Eden Terrace

Not only is Coffee Pen tiny, it’s pretty much been kept under-the-radar—until now. There is plenty of seating on the grassy patch outside (helloooo, coffees in the sun) and they only use speciality coffee so you’re guaranteed a top-notch brew. 

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson

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