Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Travel And Become An Influencer

By Albert Cho
26th Nov 2018

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Travel And Learn How To Become An Influencer

Job hunting for the summer break so you have that extra cash to get some travelling done before you have to go back to reality? Look no further because we have found a dream job which doesn’t include folding clothes or wiping down tables. The only work you have to do is fly around New Zealand and Australia to get the perfect ‘gram and brainstorm some killer captions.

Yup, you heard right. OPPO is offering one lucky Kiwi a three-month stint to scope out the most picturesque spots Down Under, create a top-notch Instagram feed and the best part of all, you get paid while you’re at it. Just when you thought a fully funded trip and paycheck was enough, get this: your work perks include a complimentary smartphone to help you get the money shot while being mentored by OPPO’s digital marketing team and their ambassadors, Nicole Millar, Milly Bannister, Libby Kay and KOTravellers.

Whether you love them or hate them, Insta-influencers are here to stay and if you can’t beat them, join them. OPPO conducted a survey and almost 80% of people said they would be a full-time influencer if they were given the opportunity...which shows we all secretly want to live that influencer life.

OPPO is a camera brand who clearly know what’s up and have embraced that Insta-influencers are very much a thing. Their newly launched smartphone, the R17 Pro has a triple rear camera and a 25 MP front camera so your selfies don’t fall short in quality. This phone was made for Instagram and it’s your job to show your followers the big things this little gadget is capable of.

You have until December 15 to apply for the job that’s almost too good to be true so get onto it, stat.

The Deets:

What: Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Travel And Learn How To Become An Influencer
When: Applications Open Until December 15
Where: Click here to apply

Image Credit: Supplied 

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