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50 Of The Best Rainy Day Activities To Do In Auckland When It’s Gnarly Out In 2024

By Alice Rich

Auckland weather is a true ode to the power of Mother Nature, who seems to have a soft spot for constantly dealing us the meteorological middle finger. Luckily, whether you’re prepared for it or not (and you probably won’t be), there are still plenty of rainy-day activities to do in Auckland when it rains in 2024.

  1. Invite your squad around for a movie marathon or visit one of Auckland’s best cinemas

  2. Go on a voyage of discovery and dodge the rain with a trip to one of the best museums in Auckland.

  3. Challenge your flatmates to the ultimate bake-off. Go all out with this gin-fuelled coconut cake, opt for this warming sticky date pudding, steal the show with these red velvet pancakes or make this infamous Caramilk Banana Cake.

  4. Huddle up with a cosy blanket and plan your next holiday. Here are the best Airbnbs in New Zealand for inspo. 

  5. Hop into an uber and catch up with a friend over happy hour.

  6. Play detective and dive into one of Auckland’s best escape rooms.

  7. Fight the weather with some fancy feels and dine on dainty delights at one of the best high teas in Auckland

  8. Get a little steamy and we’re not talking about visiting your local sauna… Here’s the lowdown on the 10 best sex toys around. 

  9. Start a podcast, because why not? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. A woman engrossed in a book with an impressively stacked bookcase behind. Just one of 50 great things to do when it rains.

  10. Curl up with a serious page-turner

  11. Clean out your pantry and stock it full of delicious treats and staples the environment (and your stomach) will thank you for. 

  12. Resist the fast fashion trend to totally overhaul your wardrobe and instead if you really need to add something, invest in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands made here in New Zealand.

  13. Or op-shop from the comfort of your couch with Recycle Boutique or get out there and browse the best op shops in Auckland

  14. Hide away at one of the top hidden spots in town, but keep it to yourself, 'k? 

  15. Glow up your LinkedIn profile with these top tips

  16. Add some illustrations to your bod at one of the best tattoo studios in Auckland.

  17. Glow up your nails with a trip to one of the hottest nail salons in town.

  18. Get yourself a new ‘do to help you feel vibrant on even the stormiest days.

  19. Make the most of the rainy day and elevate your mind with a trip to one of Auckland's best art galleries.Old school cassette player with black and orange headphones on a bright orange background.

  20. Disappear into a whole new world with these top wellness podcasts.

  21. Book yourself in for a rejuvenating spa day.

  22. Bath not quite big enough? Be free in one of the best indoor swimming pools Auckland has to offer.

  23. Learn how to manifest (and while you’re at it, can you manifest us some better weather?)

  24. Can’t coax yourself out of the house but don’t want to miss out on the gym? Try these home workouts by local personal trainers.

  25. Or maybe you’re totally down for leaving the house but getting toned's more your style… here’s our pick of the best yoga, hot yoga and pilates studios in Auckland.

  26. Celebrate the rain with dessert, just ‘cause. 

  27. Embrace the wild weather head-on and run up as many of Auckland’s volcanoes as you can. 

  28. Get your pulse racing at Auckland's best indoor rock climbing spots.  

  29. Round up your foodie friends and go on a doughnut crawl.Someone picks up a dumpling from Sumthin Dumplin with chopsticks.

  30. Or a dumpling crawl

  31. Do something that’s bigger than yourself and make sure you don’t miss these major social justice dates.

  32. Salute the weather and order a dark n’ stormy (or whatever you’re in the mood for) at one of Auckland’s best bars

  33. Unleash your inner kid to the perpetually after-dark vibe, Archie Brothers' Cirque Electriq.

  34. Pretend you’re holidaying on the sun-drenched beaches of Greece or Bali by tucking into a Greek feast at Daphnes Taverna or some satay skewers from Bali Nights.

  35. Snuggle up and binge-watch a Netflix series or two, PSA: no stinkers on this list.

  36. Coax yourself out of bed with one of the best breakfasts in Auckland.

  37. Plan your escape to the slopes with our rookie guide on nailing a ski season in Queenstown.  

  38. Weather getting you down? Get yourself a hug in carb form, stat. Of course, by that we mean pizza—here are the best pizzas to load up on.People throwing axes while a crowd cheers them on from behind.

  39. Round up your mates and throw some axes

  40. Brighten up your days with some new plant babies from Babylon Store

  41. Refuse to acknowledge the weather and rebel by eating ice cream, even when it’s cold. 

  42. Read up on 'rainbow washing' and challenge your favourite brands to show real support for the LGBTQIA+ community. While you're at it, learn how to become a better trans ally

  43. Live out your best foodie dreams and eat all the things at the best restaurants in Auckland

  44. Take one for the team and nab a BLUNT umbrella—your sacrifice may mean it never rains in Auckland ever again… until the day you leave it at home.

  45. Or throw an epic potluck at yours and treat your guests to this simple (but delicious!) boozy vodka pasta dish.

  46. Embrace the gnarly, wild vibes with a visit to a beach that's new to you (entirely possible in Auckland).

  47. Beauty hack your skincare regime with the best skincare in NZ and get a whole lot of 'I woke up like this' ready for when the compliments rain down on you. 

  48. Take the bad weather as a sign from the universe that now is the time to hit up that degustation feed you’ve been meaning to try. 

  49. Seek out one of the top clubs in Tāmaki Makaurau and leave your brolly at the door. 

  50. Be the sunlight in someone else's day by whipping up a surprise delivery of gorgeous blooms.

Weather looking a little better? Seize the day and check out the best walks in Auckland.

Image credit: Rafael Ben-Ari, Seven Shooter, Florian Schmetz, Sumthin' Dumplin', Sweet Axe.

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