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The 6 Official Rules Of Makeup Sharing

By Rachel Stevenson
18th Oct 2015

rules for sharing makeup with friends

The official rules of sharing your best mate’s makeup haven’t ever been properly laid out, causing many a girl fight over a smashed bronzer or misplaced lippie. Luckily for you lot, we’ve figured out the 6 do’s and don’ts of makeup sharing. Follow them closely, or risk losing a BFF for life!

#1 Don’t leave the lid off

Come on now kids, this is basic stuff. Put the lid back on any lipsticks, creams etc that you borrow to prevent a (shock horror!) dried out piece of essential makeup. Heaven forbid.

#2 Do take extra care of lipsticks

Have you ever had that HORRIBLE realisation that someone is twisting your lipstick up way too high?! Like, why do they do that? Don’t be that person. No one likes that person. The same goes for not twisting it back down when you’re done, causing the lipstick to squish into the lid. JUST WHY?!

#3 Don’t borrow anything when you’re ill

Seriously people, do not attempt to borrow a friend’s mascara when you have a stye/lipstick when you have a cold sore or basically anything when your skin isn’t in tip top condition. Not only is it super gross, but you’re putting your friend in a mega awkward situation where she really wants to say no, but doesn’t want to offend your ill self. Don’t make her point out your glaring imperfection!

#4 Don’t borrow anything she hasn’t used yet

There’s nothing worse than someone asking to borrow an eye shadow you literally bought an hour ago, before you’ve even had a chance to take it out the wrapper. Don’t make your bestie seem super selfish by forcing her to have to say no, alright?

#5 Do give it back

Whatever you do, return anything you borrow. Don’t take your mate’s bronzer or favourite perfume on a night out. You will lose it. And never underestimate how much of an impact a lost blusher brush can have on even the tightest of friendships. You have been warned!

#6 Don’t use your hands

When borrowing, always use a brush! Not even your best friend wants you to stick your finger in her favourite lip balm, okay?!

Image credit: Valonz

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