22 Signs That You Need To Delete Pokemon GO

By Martha Brooke
2nd Aug 2016

21 Signs That You Need To Delete Pokemon GO

Walk, catch, hatch repeat! What has happened to us all?! The couch is calling us back, Netflix misses us and we are actually walking around in that thing they call fresh air!

Pokemon GO is the latest trend to hit the world and people everywhere are slaves to the game. If you have spent too much time walking into your surroundings or find yourself shouting Pikachu in your sleep, it could be time to put the Poké balls down. Read on to discover if you really should delete your beloved App…

  1. You’re more than twelve years old.
  2. You’ve walked into a lamppost or wall. Once is enough.
  3. You’ve considered spending your life savings to level up.
  4. You introduce yourself as a trainer.
  5. You don’t even feel like a creep standing outside people’s houses with your phone pointing at their windows.
  6. You purposefully change plans so you have more time playing.
  7. You have no human friends anymore. Pokemon are your new bff’s.
  8. You attached your phone to your dog to hatch an egg because you are too lazy to walk around but you know that you have gotta catch ‘em all. #genius
  9. You’ve caught two dozen Zubats.
  10. You wasted your month’s data in a day.
  11. You've been to catch Pokemon in your pyjamas because you needed to stock up on Poké balls. 
  12. You jumped on the band wagon and still don't know how to play.
  13. Pokemon Go is your new bae. Move over Robert.
  14. You plan your weekends around where there are the most lures.
  15. You have a handheld battery pack to maintain that phone charge.
  16. You now speak Pokemon.
  17. You threw your phone at a wall because the server crashed.
  18. You only stop to charge your phone and eat. What even is sleep?
  19. Being a Pokemon trainer is your full time job. Goodbye lectures! So long boss!
  20. You give whatever friends or family you have left Pokemon names. 
  21. You've lost said remaining friends and family.
  22. You have a cap. Not just any cap. An Ash cap.

Image credit: Android Central

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