25 Of Perth’s Best Fat Feeds

By Sarah Joanna Pope
24th Jan 2016

Image Credit: Muffle & Co

While #cleaneating is all well and good, everyone needs to indulge every now and again, especially if said indulgence involves salted caramel, epic burgers and fried chicken. Today, we’re abandoning the lettuce leaf in search of Perth’s most decadent and most un-diet-friendly culinary delights.

Here are 25 of Perth’s best fat feeds.

  1. The cookies & cream dessert pizza from Theo & Co. Pizzeria—soft choc chip cookie dough baked and finished with icing sugar, choc chip cookies, vanilla bean icecream and drizzled with ganache. This is what it tastes like, when doves cry.
  2. The burgerzilla challenge from Johnny’s Burgers in Canningvale. The name says it all—a 1kg meat patty, American cheese, lots o’ bacon, salad and smokey BBQ sauce—with a mammoth two servings of fries. Give them your health insurance details before attempting this one.
  3. The triple doughnut and choc-coated bacon milkshake from Babooshka in Northbridge. This was 90’s Kate Bush secret fat-food weapon. Fact.
  4. The fried chicken buttermilk pancake from Mary Street Bakery—with peanuts, maple chilli and fried egg. All the necessary food groups, pretty much.
  5. The brownie filled pancakes from Aliment in Leederville—with salted caramel ice cream, maple syrup and berries. You won’t hate yourself after at all.
  6. Sometimes you need to ask yourself WWED (What Would Elvis Do)? Probably the peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger from Hood Burger. They drop these bad boys at The Good Shephard Leederville on Wednesday nights.
  7. The monster of a meal that is the chicken waffle sandwich from Batter Up Waffle Club. Clogging your arteries every weekend at the Markets on Rokeby.
  8. Any hot dog from Wassup Dog. Delicious, hot-diggity-dog goodness.
  9. The new crossbreed of the fat-foods—the muffle from Muffle&Co at the Fremantle Markets. They roll it into a cone and pour ice cream and sugar treats inside (try the ferrero delight). Perfect for putting back on that weight you lost over Christmas.
  10. The chilli cheese fries…. as a side to your donut doubler from The Merrywell—glazed donut, double beef, crispy bacon, Kraft cheese and more fries. This isn’t even one of their food challenges that they offer. Not even.
  11. The caramel sandwich from the awesome Whisk Creamery—a homemade croinut sandwich, filled with salted caramel gelato and topped with whipped cream and salted caramel sauce.
  12. The s’mores challenge from Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont. It’s not really a challenge, just a GIANT choc-chip, Nutella and marshmallow cookie sandwich made for two. No biggie.
  13. The meat tray from Deen St BBQ—with pork ribs, beef brisket, chopped pork, chilli beef and pork fennel sausage. You’ll feel like you won bingo at the RSL.
  14. Fry yourself happy with the gami original whole chicken (fried and cut into 17 pieces) from Gami Chicken—choose your flavour and your beer to accompany. Why not?
  15. The Merrywell, again, with its cadillac T-bone. It serves two people—or one person with no shame and no belt-restrictions.
  16. Anything from Glazed and Confused Donuts—a butter maple and honeycomb one should do the trick. The trick being cellulite.
  17. The Belgian spoil from Koko Black—a tasting plate with two pralines, chocolate cherry royale, chocolate alchemy gateaux, chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream. We’re not leaving until you finish it all.
  18. The endless feast, Brazilian Style—from Lapa Brazilian Barbeque. It’s a one way ticket to meat town. And then obesity city—if you want it bad enough.
  19. The aptly named fat boy burger from Novembars—seven beef patties, lettuce, tomato, three cheese, bacon and egg, caramelised onion and ketchup. It’s seasoned with the tears of Michelle Bridges.
  20. A rack of BBQ beef ribs from Ribs & Burgers. A hot beef injection to the soul.
  21. The salted caramel doughnut from Mary Street Bakery—duh.
  22. The cheesetastic baked camembert from Don Tapa—with cauliflower, panko bread crumbs and real honeycomb. It haunts me.
  23. The SDB Platter from Side Door BBQ—brisket, ribs, wings, pulled pork, creamed corn, corn bread, mac & cheese, pork belly lollypops (yep they're a thing), jalapeno sausage AND coleslaw. Phew!
  24. The Jaws Town Hall sushi challenge – how many plates of sushi can you clear in 15 minutes? 500 bones and eternal glory will be your reward.
  25. A glorious Golden Gaytime megashake from Cafe 2TwentyFour. Yes this is a milkshake with a WHOLE Golden Gaytime dipped into it and yes you should try it.

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