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7 Summer Beauty Tips With Clean Slate’s Katrina Snowden

By Tessa Gallagher
17th Dec 2015

7 Summer Beauty Tips With Clean Slate's Katrina Snowden

With a background in aromatherapy, natural medicine and cosmetic chemistry—and one of our fave Perth boss ladies—Clean Slate’s creative powerhouse and founder, Katrina Snowden has spent the past 12 years dedicating her knowledge and her very own hands to crafting an artisanal range of natural, vegan skincare products. 

Having started her journey experimenting with various ingredients to help her long-term skin issues, Katrina was inspired to bring Clean Slate (formerly known as Peaches and Clean) to the market.

So we thought who better to give us some epic summer beauty tips! Read on to find out how to have your most beautiful summer ever.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Healthy glowing skin starts from the inside out so be sure to keep your water intake up. This is especially true during the warmer months and over the festive season when we can be drinking and doing other fun things! A 1-litre water bottle is my saviour because I am never in one place for long. Snacking on H2O rich fruits and vegetables is another sneaky trick—watermelon, cucumber, celery and carrots are my go-to nibbles.

Look After Your Feet

Whether it's a long day spent in heels, sandals, thongs or (for the lucky few) bare feet, our hot Australian summer drains moisture from the skin like its going out of fashion. For intense foot hydration, slather your feet in moisturiser and slip on a pair of socks before bed. You won’t recognise those silky smooth bad boys in the morning. Also, in a State which boasts over 20,000kms of coastline, it is ludicrous to consider paying for a pedicure. Why not take a walk on the beach and let the natural exfoliating properties of sand and healing nature of saltwater do its job. 


Between December and March, I up my exfoliating regime to three times a week. Days of chlorine pools, sunscreen reapplications, sweat and increased sun exposure means our skin needs a little extra TLC. I use Clean Slate Coffee Scrub twice a week—an all over (including face) dry body scrub that gently exfoliates, boosts circulation and heals the skin. Once a week, I go hard with an original Clean Slate Body Scrub—the ground walnut shell and epsom salt base is a deeper exfoliant to target my knees, elbows, heels and shoulders.

Maintain Your Tools

I clean my brushes each week! Removing excess product, sweat and oil from make up brushes is not only better for your skin, but will give your all important application tools a longer life expectancy. 

Use A Girl’s Best Friend 

No, I'm not talking about diamonds unfortunately. All year-round, I endlessly depend on my number one buddy, dry shampoo! And over summer, the two of us are inseparable. Applying dry shampoo at night gives the product time to absorb oils and perspiration. Spray directly to the roots and massage in before you hit the sheets—giving it a little time to work its magic will have you waking up with a refreshed mane! 

Aloe Vera Is Your Saviour

You can wear zinc, sunscreen, a shirt, a hat, sunglasses, sit under an umbrella wrapped in a cocoon of beach towels and still, unfortunately, at one point or another we will all face the (uncomfortable) reality of sunburn. My trick to relieve the sensation of 100 campfires being lit on your forearms/face/neck/back/stomach/everywhere is stashing an ice cube tray of aloe vera gel in the freezer at the start of summer. At such time that the unfortunate (yet inevitable) sunburn occurs, pop out a couple of cubes for immediate inducement of euphoric relief.

Don't Be A Lizard Lady

This is a preventative measure to ensure that your skin does not appear to be the consistency of scrunched up, single-ply public-toilet-grade tissue by the time you are pushing a half-century (perhaps you have already reached this prestigious milestone? Bravo!) Apply sunscreen to your chest, neck and hands. Every day. No excuses. Driving around a lot means the back of my hands get a beating through my windscreen so I keep a tube of sunscreen in my glove box. Keep a little bottle in your handbag or desk drawer for an instant reminder and easy application!

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Image credit: Clean Slate

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