Where To Find The Best Baklava In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
15th Oct 2017

If you’ve ever tried baklava, you’ll know that a) it's delicious; and b) there’s a lot of argument over who invented it.

Word on the street is that baklava first emerged in the Middle-East in about the eighth century, where it was just rough pastry filled with nuts and honey.  Then the Greeks came across it on their travels and were like “Dayum, this is good, we’re taking this recipe back to Athens,” where they replaced the thick dough with their own filo pastry. Then it made its way to Armenia, where the Armenians were all like “Fellas, we need some spice up in here!” and added cinnamon and cloves. It then reached Arabia, where the Arabs were like “This shit aint fancy enough,” and added rosewater and cardamom.

Then that whole region—affectionately known as The Ottoman Empire—thought “You know what we should do today? Invade Turkey!” So they conquered a place called Constantinople, changed its name to Istanbul, and made it the capital of their empire. They taught Turkish cooks how to make baklava, and the Turkish were like “You know what would really make this poppin’? Pistachios.” Small pastry shops began popping up in Istanbul selling baklava and eventually, it became known to the rest of the world.

Feel like some baklava after all that history? Here’s where to find the best baklava in Perth.



Brika serves up the traditional Greek version of baklava with filo pastry, walnuts and the delicious gooey honey syrup. And they serve it with halva ice-cream. Result.

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant


Istanbul’s baklava is filled with walnut and pistachio nuts and a drizzling of lemon syrup. Delicious!

Kakulas Sister


The cake cabinet at Kakulas Sister is quite a sight to behold, filled with many European desserts—and almost always including freshly baked baklava.


Mount Lawley

This Moroccan spot has loads of delicious middle-eastern desserts in their cake cabinet, including trays of honey-dripping baklava.

Ayhan’s Turkish Kitchen


This Kensington restaurant makes tray-fulls of fresh homemade baklava, so you’ll never be in danger of missing out.



This Greek cafe at the top of Rokeby Road has loads of pastries to enjoy your coffee with, including a damn fine baklava.

Bossman Coffee

Mount Lawley

Bossman might not be somewhere you associate with exotic treats, but they dish up a mouth-watering baklava that pairs rather nicely with their top-notch coffee.  

The Prophet

East Victoria Park

This Lebanese institution offers up strong Turkish coffee to cleanse the palate at the end of your meal, with a side of freshly-baked baklava.

Zues Street Greek Eats

Mount Lawley

If you’re keen for a Greek version of baklava, head to Zeus Street where they have it on their dessert menu (if you’re not too full after your gyros.)

Little Lebanon

Joondanna & Osborne Park

Little Lebanon has a huge range of traditional Turkish pastries to finish off your meal, with baklava a popular option.

The Hummus Club


Not traditional but damn good regardless—The Hummus Club have a baklava ice-cream sandwich on their menu. We can’t think of a better way to end your meal.

Want more? Check out our fave Middle Eastern restaurants in Perth.

The Hummus Club | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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