Who’s Pouring The Best Cold Brew In Perth

By Elena Mauen
14th Feb 2018

For those of you who haven't jumped on the cold brew coffee train yet, this delicious nectar looks fairly similar to a cold long black, but the coffee has been extracted using cold water over a reallyyyyyy long period of time, usually 12 hours but sometimes up to 18 when people are feeling really fancy.

The result is smooth, delicious icy cold coffee, because no one wants creamy hot (albeit still delicious) coffee on a 40-degree day. 

Here are the best cold brew coffees in Perth.

Filament Cold Brew Coffee | Nitro Cold Brew

Mount Claremont

You can get Filament cold brew at a few places around town (Get Chunky, Hoki Poké, Gangemi's Fine Wines & Food, Freo Dr. Liquor Store and Drift Kitchen to name a few), but you'll want to get yourself to the Mount Claremont Farmers Markets on a Saturday morning to get their nitro cold brew straight from the keg—it's undoubtedly some of the smoothest and tastiest cold brew coffee you'll find anywhere in Perth!

Someday Coffee Co | Cold Brew On Tap


Someday Coffee Co's cold brew is as good as its interiors, which is really saying something. They've got cold brew on tap and it's gosh darn delicious, but if you're picky about your cold coffee you can order just about any of your regular coffees in an iced version—we're all about the iced long mac. If you have some time to spare, stay for breakfast and devour the carrot hummus and avocado toast.

Primal Pantry | Cold Brew On Tap


The focus at Primal Pantry is all about health, clean eating and using superfoods to fuel your body. Not only is the coffee they use delicious, it is also organic and fairtrade, so you can feel food about your morning brew!  These guys have their cold brew on tap, so it’s a quick and easy way to get your caffeine fix on your way to work.

Milktooth | House Cold Brew


This Perth coffee shop pours some of the best coffee in town, so it's not surprising that their cold brew is also delicious. The team at Milktooth bottle their cold brew, so you can grab one for the road and let it make your morning at work just a little bit better.  

Humblebee | Iced Aeropress

Mount Hawthorn

Humblebee Coffee Bar is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers. The beans are roasted on site so they're super fresh and will perk you right up. Try the iced Aeropress, it's the speedier way to brew cooled coffee but this process ensures the coffee doesn't lose any of the flavours. It's also deliciously refreshing.

Addison & Steele | Coffee Lemonade

North Perth

Addison & Steele is big on speciality coffee and they offer some pretty fancy coffee options. Their coffee lemonade—made with house cold brew, lemon, panela and ice, topped with Capi tonic water—is truly banging!

Pixel Coffee Brewers | Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee


Pixel Coffee Brewers is all about pretty treats, dreamy breakfast and excellent coffee. If you like your caffeine fix with milk, you can get one of their tasty iced lattes but if you tend to be on the dark side, the nitro cold brewed coffee is worth a try. It's a super popular drink that consists of filter roasted coffee brewed in cold water for 16 hours and is charged with food grade nitrogen so it's a little bit bubbly and a lot delicious.

La Veen | Shakerato


The pursuit of coffee excellence is evident at La Veen, with every cup perfected thanks to quality coffee beans and epic baristas. When the warmer weather kicks in, we recommend the shakerato—it's basically an espresso martini without the booze. It’s made by shaking together a shot of espresso with ice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker, then it's strained into a glass. We know, it's not quite the same without the vodka, but it’s still fancy and delicious.

Brother Of Mine | Bottled Cold Brew


The guys at Brother of Mine are absolute coffee nerds who roast beans on site and serve only top notch brew. You can get a classic iced coffee or treat yourself to a bottled cold batch to take away. Be warned though, after visiting BOM, your morning pick me up will never feel the same again! It is that good...

Recess | Japanese Iced Coffee


Recess is the perfect place to grab coffee, breakfast or lunch on the go. They keep things simple but super tasty and always have fun things to try like the Japanese iced coffee. It requires finer ground coffee compared to classic cold brew and is poured hot over ice. Apparently, this method retains the aromas and results in a bright, crisp and full flavoured coffee, but all we know is it tastes freaking great!

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Someday Coffee Co | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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