Perth’s Best Hole In The Wall Coffee Shops

By Emma Pegrum
11th Apr 2018

There’s something so satisfying about getting coffee at tiny places. Reminiscent of that European coffee culture that attracts us Perthlings like moths to a flame, hole in the wall coffee joints are becoming more and more common around town and we couldn’t feel better (or bigger) because of it.

What these places lack in space they more than make up for in quality, so be sure to check out Perth’s best hole in the wall coffee spots.

Cleaver Street Coffee Shop

West Perth

Two clever guys convinced the folks at the Cleaver Street Deli to let them serve coffee next door and thank god they did! These coffees are delish and word on the street is that the almond milk coffees are amazing, if you're that way inclined! They also somehow manage to dish out bagels, soup and some pretty epic cakes from this tiny kitchen, onya boys.

BOO Espresso

North Perth

If you’ve got a pooch, this is the hole in the wall coffee spot for you. BOO Espresso serves up puppycinos for your four-legged friend as well great coffee and a few treats, like Nutella bomboloni from the same great mind that brought us doughnut cones, Lena Lu Creations.

Graffiti On King


Despite its size, you literally can’t miss Graffiti. Look for the eye-catching, incredibly vibrant mural that’s painted onto roller doors on the corner of King and Hay—it goes up every morning to open Perth’s urban window to artisan coffee. The coffee is spectacular and they do a bunch of great takeaway food options for those on the go.

Telegram Coffee


Brewing up some of the CBD’s best coffee, Telegram Coffee is irresistibly cool. Head barista Luke Arnold has spent two decades refining his craft all over the world and is now working out of a teeny little spot in our beautiful State Buildings handing out delicious coffees to the good people of Perth. Also, while the place itself is akin to a matchbox, there’s plenty of space to pull up a seat in the Postal Hall and enjoy the ambience if you’ve got a moment.

Lil' Toastface


In the spot that used to be Bookend, Lil' Toastface is probably the tiniest of all the tiny coffee spots in Perth. While they might be famous for the delicious toasties, their coffee hits the spots every time. 

Standby Espresso

Mount Lawley

If you’re a fan of Engine Room Espresso, then you’re in luck because the same two coffee experts behind that beloved North Perth cafe opened a tiny hole in the wall coffee spot in Mount Lawley. They bottle some tasty cold brew and also sell delish bircher muesli if you need breakfast on the run.

Standing Room Only


If the name doesn’t give this one away I don’t know what to tell you. Tucked down Piccadilly Arcade in the Perth CBD, even if this isn’t on your usual route it’s well worth the detour. Friendly service and epic coffee. 

Blink Coffee Bar


Blink and you’ll miss it. Literally. Small as it might be, Blink might just have the friendliest staff in the whole of Perth, and some pretty good coffee too.

Cafe Vinyl


Cafe Vinyl has been dishing out great coffee from their little hole in the wall for years and they’re still doing it perfectly. They also do some killer sandwiches if you need lunch on the run.

Kakulas Brothers


Ok, you got me, it’s true that these guys run out of the giant space that is Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge, but they have a little hole in the wall where you can get coffee. It's cheap as chips and its pretty dang good to boot.

Livingstone's Urban Jungle


This is a little slice of coffee heaven for anyone wandering around the Perth Cultural Centre! The career baristas here whip up a great cup of joe in no time at all and if you head there later in the day you can get ice cream—not that there would be any judgement here if you got ice cream for breakfast.

Nexus Cafe

Mount Lawley

Brewing up speciality coffee from a tiny hidey-hole in the side of Mount Lawley’s Second Ave IGA is Nexus Cafe, who pleases customers with their filter, pour over and cold brew options. Sit out the front and watch busy Beaufort Street go by, or stand up inside at the narrow little coffee bar and enjoy their small book collection—if reading a book called STANDART, Standing for the art of coffee isn’t too hip for you! P.S. Get the caramel slice and thank us later.

Polly Coffee Bar


This little concrete box in the heart of Perth’s cultural centre was once mistaken for being just a pop-up, but now the only thing popping up about Polly Coffee Bar are all the people standing around outside it with their delicious coffees in hand. We hear their french toast also tastes something fantastic!



Grab your coffee from Babooshka's hole in the wall window to really feel like you belong in Northbridge. Their coffee is so good, it might even draw you back to enjoy a proper breakfast in their (normal sized) actual cafe that extends into the arcade.

Piccolo’s Corner

West Leederville

This snug little spot serves excellent take-away coffee out the window of their teeny tiny servery, where there’s a little bench on the street outside at which you can sip away and ruminate over how delightful West Leederville’s quiet, leafy streets are.

Kirkwood Deli


Kirkwood Deli’s cute little coffee window is the perfect place to stop on the way home from a morning dip. Sit outside and eat at the tables provided or wander on.

Drip House


This charming, poky little coffee stop is well known for their cold drips, but Drip House also offers up a variety of other single origin brews, rotating beans regularly. Their central location means they’re pretty flat out most of the time, but there’s no compromise made on quality—either of the coffees, or the service—and the small space to chill and drink your coffee out the front somehow still feels slow-paced.

The Toastery


The perfect pit stop for a quick coffee, this place also does (as the name might suggest) irresistible toasties. Last year the crew behind Blackbox Brewers decided to trade their Scandi vibes in and reopen as The Toastery, and it’s proven to be a move suitable for their grab ’n’ go Subi clientele.

Ghetto Blaster


Small but loud, this tiny little coffee spot is making use of Pakenham Street’s old WA Bait Supply building. Hailing from Cottesloe’s Lil SUP, the man behind Ghetto Blaster’s roller window is no stranger to producing great coffee from a confined space. Sip your delicious coffee whilst perched on a milk crate pushed up against an old brick wall. This is what Freo’s all about!

The Little Resident


Tacked on to one of our favourite pubs in Nedlands is The Little Resident. This little hole in the wall is serving up quality coffee from their stunning La Marzocco coffee machine in a small space that is literally your Instagram saved posts embodied. Oh, also, they do breakfast—you’re welcome.


East Fremantle

Plympton’s is the definition of no fuss coffee. Operating out of a spot that makes your lunchbox look big, these guys are serving up some of Freo’s best coffee with no mucking around. SMS your order, grab and go, and don’t forget to pair it with one of their simple snacks—think croissants, muffins and sweet pastries.

His Lid


If you like your coffee with a side of a quick haircut, His Lid is your newest favourite place. Well, the tiny little coffee window is open to anyone—haircut or not—so don’t worry, you can get your top notch coffee without having to sacrifice your luscious locks. Stools on the pavement outside offer a quick pit stop or just grab your coffee and go!

Howdy Coffee


Conveniently situated right by the Bayswater Train Station, you commuters are the envy of, well, anyone who doesn’t live near Howdy Coffee. A welcoming little window where you can get quality coffee and a delicious breakfast bagel? Yes please.

So They Say


Located within the MANY 2.0 building on Adelaide Street, you can grab quick coffee and takeaway eats from So They Say any time - when Many is closed, they hang out the hatch window down the Westgate Mall just waiting to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Yeah, we’re a bit obsessed with coffee. Check out all the Perth cafes you should have had coffee at

Howdy Coffee | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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