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Everything You Need To Know Before The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Airs Tonight!

By Jessica Pridmore
26th Apr 2018


Margaret Atwood’s critically acclaimed show is back on our small screens tonight people, filling the substantial TV void this (and Game of Thrones, ahem) has left in our non-existent social lives—and you better be damn sure you’ve got your iron stomach in check cos this season is gearing up to be, well, pretty effed up.

So, what’s going on in Gilead? Where's everyone at? (ANYONE not up to date needs to look away now. SPOILERS lay ahead. You have been warned.)

Read on for the briefest, brush over of a recap on the key players you need to know about before diving head first in to Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale. Blessed be the fruit: it’s gonna be a goodie!

1. Offred (aka June)

Mazel tov! June/Offred’s knocked up. ICYMI, this is ‘supposedly’ a, erm, joyful time for any handmaid but given this bub-to-be isn’t her master Fred Waterford’s, this is sure to put a good ol’ Gilead spanner in the works. Geez, what a shitshow.  

2. Nick

The baby daddy? Nick, the Waterford household’s driver and Eye (read: spy), still has a question mark over his head as to his intentions. Has he shied away from his duties as an Eye because of his feelings for Offred? Or is he blackmailing her? This literally has my stomach in knots, FYI.

3. Luke

Speaking of Offred, her hubby Luke from before the Gilead uprising is alive! Not only that, half way through season 1 we find out he’s made it outside of the Gilead stronghold and over to the Canadian border, where (it turns out) he’s been for a number of years. What’s more, their daughter, Hannah, is also alive and living with another family in Gilead! Bombshell, much?

4. Moira

Wouldn’t you know, Moira, Offred’s OG bestie, managed to get out of her dicey situation as a worker in a brothel and made it over the border, too! The icing in the cake? She only went and found Luke! There is hope, people!

5. Ofglen (aka Emily)

Ofglen (aka Emily) you may recall, had had a literal gut full by the end of season 1, resulting in an act of sheer defiance that subsequently had her being shoved in to a shady-looking black van. Is she alive? We thinketh yes.  

6. The Handmaids

Lastly, after the handmaids banded together, refusing to kill one of their own (remember Janine? She’s had a rough old time that’s for damn sure) they’re almost certain to receive some sort of bone-chilling punishment. Because as we all know by now, no disobedient deed goes unpunished under His eye…

So there it is. A recap of sorts. Look, there’s some gaping holes here—lord knows there are a million and one sub-plots and characters I could bang on about—but the bones are there. The best thing you can do? Pack up your desk and go home right now to watch season 1 back-to-back like any good binge-watcher would do. We know you’re tempted. Lord knows we are.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 kicks off tonight on SBS, SBS On Demand and Lightbox (NZ) at 8:30pm.

Can't wait? Watch the S2 trailer, here:


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