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Here Are Your Healthiest Alcohol Options This Party Season

By Charlotte Revill
16th Dec 2015

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December: the month where willpower disappears quicker than a Nutri bullet in the Black Friday sales.

Anyone else submerged in a last ditch attempt to get beach-ready for summer? Ironic really, considering its Christmas - and you’re going to spend most of this month in a constant food coma.

But what are the rules when it comes to alcohol? Do you cut it out cold turkey in the quest to discover whether there ARE abs hidden under there? Or maybe you just go all-out, because let’s be honest - nothing says ‘festive’ quite like a hangover on Christmas Day.

So, in the spirit of spreading a little holiday cheer, we’ve ranked all your alcohol options in order of healthiness. Mainly because no one actually likes the taste of a vodka soda...


Beer lovers, this one doesn’t end well for you. A typical beer contains around 150 calories - and when is it ever ‘just the one’? It’s not even just the calories you need to worry about; a pint of beer contains a scary amount of carbohydrates - and that’s the last thing we need more of over Christmas!


If you’re looking to avoid that bloated beach look at all costs, you need to pay serious attention to clear spirits – like vodka or gin. Did you know the darker the spirit, the more toxic concentrations created during fermentation?


Ideally the healthiest way to enjoy a spirit is either neat or watered down, if you have the gumption. A great low-cal option is to serve your spirits with juice – but not cranberry juice! It might be a classic, but the amount of sugar would make your eyes water...

You could even create your own healthy Christmas cocktail: Light spirit of choice + small slurp of fresh juice + chop up some fresh berries + add in some soda water - and voila! Grab a big jug, lots of ice, and you’re onto a winner.


In possibly the best news we’ve heard all party season, one of your soundest options is to pop a bottle of Prosecco. One glass has less calories than a glass of red, white and most other champagnes! As an extra bonus, bubbles make you drink slower and feel fuller so you’ll likely drink less.

Although, we’re not too sure that’s going to make too much of a difference when paired with a turducken - but at least you can feel better about it. Intellectually.

If you want to hide your Christmas drinking habits...head to one of our Fave 5 Hidden Bars in Melbourne. It's the responsible thing to do. 

Image credit: Mr Moustache

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