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Watch Our Video To Learn How To (Finally) Apply Luscious False Lashes

By Isobel Williamson
9th May 2018


It’s the question every girl asks on the daily: how the heck do I apply false lashes like a pro without covering myself with icky-sticky glue?! 

The struggle is srsly real, from discovering the perf length, then cutting them down to size, and finally (we think the most challenging) placing these pesky little suckers on to our lids WHILE praying to the makeup gods we don’t get glue everywhere. Cause all we really wanna' to do here is look like Kween Em Rata right? 

Don’t fear guys, it seems super complicated (we know, we know) BUT we've broken down what to do into handy little steps so those fluttery and gorge lashes can become an actual reality, stat! 



Step 1:

With tweezers, carefully peel the false eyelashes off the plastic base.

Step 2: 

Measure the eyelash to your lash line, lengthways.

Step 3: 

Trim the outer edge of the eyelash strip to fit your eye.

Step 4: 

Place glue (not too much!), across the lash strip.

Step 5: 

Wait 30-60 seconds till the glue goes from wet to tacky. (Tacky is better here peeps). 

Step 6: 

Tilting you head back and with tweezers, secure the centre of the eyelash across the lash line, before securing the outer edge, then finally the inner section of the eyelash strip.

Step 7: 

With tweezers, clamp the false eyelashes and your real eyelashes together. 

AND complete! You can finish with lining the lash line with eyeliner and coating the lashes with mascara for a seamless look. Hell yas kween #nailedit! Those long luscious lashes are right around the corner babes. (Wink, wink, you can buy us a drink). 

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Image credit: Amy Higg for The Uban List and makeup artist and model is Emily Jane from Pure Nava

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