Perth’s Best Chai Everything

By Chloe Sputore
2nd Aug 2016

chai lattes

We owe a lot to our Indian friends. Not only have they brought us yoga, delicious curries and cashews (best nut ever?), they also introduced us to chai—aka the tastiest spice concoction known to man.

From the straight up tea, to the tasty desserts and interesting mash-ups, here’s where to find Perth’s best chai everything.

Sayers Sister


Taking a savoury twist on this spicy concoction, Sayers Sister in Northbridge serve up a winning chai tea poached chicken salad with smoky eggplant, sundried tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto and rocket.

Low Key Chow House


Ever wanted to eat a garden for dessert? Probably not, right? Well we think you’ll be pretty excited about trying The Rock Garden—a dessert from Low Key Chow House—with a chocolate chilli mouse boulder, spicy chai soil, hazelnut pebbles, ca phe da (Vietnamese coffee) stones and fresh fruit. Yum!

Moore & Moore Cafe


For pretty much every variety of chai, head to Moore & Moore Cafe where you’ll find only the best fresh chai (no syrups or powders here, folks). They’re serving chai teas, chai lattes, dirty chai lattes (with coffee), filthy chai lattes (with chocolate) and dirty-filthy chai lattes (with coffee and chocolate).

Source Foods


If you haven’t yet visited Source Foods you should be ashamed because everything on the menu here is freakin’ delicious. Especially their saffron poached pear with vanilla chai, Mork chocolate crumble, roasted strawberries and mint. They also serve a pretty tasty Prana Chai latte. Boom!



Sick of having to drink your chai tea when you’re having oysters? Well Sauma have made your life a whole lot easier by combining the two. If you’re a lover of this Indian spice, you’ll definitely want to try the chai smoked organic oysters served with a shallot dressing.



Warm up this winter with a bowl of Esprezzo’s winter porridge—Prana chai and coconut milk oats with sweet pumpkin puree, crushed walnuts and poached pear. And if that’s not enough spiced goodness for you, order a Prana chai latte to wash it all down.

BOO Espresso


If you think jacking up your chai latte with chocolate and coffee sounds amazing, your mind is about to be blown. BOO Espresso in Northbridge serve a pumpkin spiced chai latte, which is just as delicious as it sounds.

Holly Raye’s


Home of all that is wholesome and delicious in Perth, the chai spiced porridge at Holly Raye’s has chai fans frothing at the mouth. Served with honeyed apples and seasonal fruit, this one’s a real winner.

Gusto Gelato


Occasionally those legends from Gusto Gelato spice things up in the kitchen with their delicious chai gelato. As with everything at Gusto, it tastes exactly how you would expect—like a delicious cup of chai tea, only cold.

Little Bird Cafe


When it comes to chai there is nothing better than the real stuff, which is exactly what you get at Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge. Their house made chai is made up of a perfect blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise, peppercorns and Ceylon. Add some organic raw honey into the mix and you’ve got yourself a cup of perfection.

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