Cupcake Comeback | Perth’s Best Cupcakes

By Sian Briggs
13th Dec 2015

Sherbet Bakehouse | Image Credit:  Louise Coghill

Donut, cronut, schmonut. Macaron, you’ve had your moment. As for you, muffle, have you been around since 1796? WE THINK NOT. The boom may have peaked, but we’ll always have a sweet spot in our hearts for ye olde cupcake and its many incarnations. Time to buck fickle fads and re-acquaint with an old faithful, we say. Here’s our pick of the best cupcakes around town (and FYI we only said moist once).

Red Velvet Cupcake | Sherbet Bakehouse

New York's Waldorf Astoria may lay dibs on the original red velvet recipe, but Sherbet has been cranking out an ace version since opening its duck-egg blue doors. In fact, we bet if the Sherbie peeps—who were inspired by New York's famed Magnolia Bakery—went head-to-head, Ninja Warrior style, against the bakers at the Waldorf Astoria, their moist, red, velvety little number with its fluffy vanilla cream cheese frosting may just take the cake. Pun intended.

Sticky Date Cupcake | The Sassy Cookie

A sticky date pud-cum-cupcake? SQUEAL! The Sassy Cookie’s oh-so light and lubbly-jubbly date cake comes served with a jug of warm caramel on the side so you can customise your level of goo. Of course, we suggest you crank the caramel-o-meter to extreme by dumping the whole load of sticky goodness on top. Deeee-lish! (Bonus handy hit: bring a Wet One).

Pink Champagne Cupcake | Sugarplum Sweet

Oh my glob, we need a toke on our Ventolin. So many feelz, so little breath. Think the bounciest, happiest champagne sponge cake, topped with the softest champagne butter cream, garnished in pink chocolate curls and fresh strawberries. Just talking about this light and lovely and pink and joy-filled piece of heaven from Sugarplum Sweet makes us oh-so warm and fuzzy inside. That doesn’t mean we won’t kill for this cupcake though, so be warned.

Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcake | DNK

DNK’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcake is the most kickass chocolate cupcake you will ever consume. Ever. Choc meets choc meets choc meets choc, in one chocolatey explosion of choc. We’re talking chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing, topped with triple choc brownie, topped with chocolate ganache. A glorious mix of crumbiness and creaminess and megalopolis chociness. Go hard or go home. DNK can be found at the Fremantle Markets and the Markets on Rokeby.

Rosewater Cupcake | New Norcia Bakery

It’s light. It’s airy. It’s rosewatery. You won’t catch New Norcia Bakery’s regal Rosewater cupcake pimping its cred on Instagram, oh no. This one’s all about understated elegance, from its stark white, viscous icing to that single pale pink edible flower. Because STATEMENT. The undisputed Audrey Hepburn of the lineup, even though that didn’t stop us scoffing two in a row and dropping crumbs down our cleavage.

The Mad Hatter AKA The Midnight Choc Cupcake | Sugar and Nice

Sugar and Nice has a dark side. Yes really. It's called the Midnight Choc, dum, dum, DUM! It's not only the bestseller of this chipper little cafe, it’s also shrouded in mystery. See, every day the top half of this fabulously fudgy, Oreo flavoured chocolate cake changes, depending on what takes master baker Marnee’s fancy. While the divine Swiss meringue buttercream stays the same, the flavour might be salted caramel one day, then milo the next, then who knows what the day after that. Oh and then it gets topped with a random ‘mad hat’, such as pretzels, clinkers, nerds, fruit loops, cookie dough, edible flowers and wait… Clinkers? ALMIGHTY CLINKERS?! Sold!

Cherry Ripe Cupcake | Bella’s Cupcake World

You know when you were a kid, and you had that dream of being the next Willy Wonka and sticking all your favourite lollies and cake and chocolate and shiz together in one bangin’ bundle? Well, Bella’s Cupcake World kind of beat us to it. There are loads of fusions featuring of all our favourites, but the Chezza Ripe had us at hello. A deep, dense chocolate mud cake smothered in maraschino cherry icing, topped with chocolate sprinkles and chunks of cherry ripe. We got our golden ticket.

Peanut Butter Nutter | Sweet Remedy Cafe

That dense choc mud base! The feather-light vanilla and peanut butter cream! And—spirit fingers, please—that generous smattering of choc chips, nuts and gooey salted caramel! We’re completely bonkers for this bonza cupcake from our pals at Sweet Remedy Cafe. But wait, there’s more! Being the cool cats they are, they also run cupcake decorating classes over cocktails on the side. Sign us up already.

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