Smash Your Plate Over Our Favourite Greek Dishes

By Chloe Sputore
11th Mar 2016

Lady Of Ro | Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

When it comes to Greek food, it’s go big or go home. From baklava and spanakopita to moussaka and tzatziki, nothing is done by halves.

If you’re eating something sweet it will be super sugary, when it comes to carbs there will be a lot of them and the heartier dishes are usually loaded with cheese and cream. And that’s all what makes Greek food so freakin’ delicious!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Greek dishes to dig your teeth into around Perth, and if you stick around, we’ve even got a super sweet giveaway at the end!

Here’s 10 of Perth’s best Greek dishes to smash your plate over.

#1 Greek Desserts | Bossman

Mount Lawley

Baklava (rich, sweet filo pastry), kourabiedes (almond shortbread covered in powdered sugar), galactobouriko (semolina, custard and filo cake)—it’s all good when it comes to the Greek sweet treats at Bossman Coffee in Mount Lawley. We have a super soft spot for the baklava, but you can’t really put a foot wrong. If you’re into eating savoury before sweets Bossman also whip up a pretty tasty spanakopita.

#2 Everything | Brika


It’s tough going picking favourites when it comes to the food at Brika, but if we have to you simply cannot pass up the spanakopita, gyros, patates or the halloumi. The spanakopita is all kinds of delicious, filled with spinach, leek and three kinds of cheese and don’t be surprised when you find a secret stash of chips in you lamb gyros. If you’re in for an epic feast, be sure to order some pita and tzatziki and finish it all off with some baklava. Opa!

#3 Spanakopita | Tom The Greek’s Market Stall

Food Stall

The spinach and feta-filled spanakopita whipped up by Tom The Greek at the Subi Farmers Market is just about as authentic as you can get in Perth—plus, in real Greek fashion, it’s super tasty. Tom uses family recipes along with local ingredients to create his spanakopita. Grab some of his delicious baklava before you go and you’ve got yourself the perfect Greek meal!

#4 Moussaka | Estia


When you’re craving hearty Greek eats you’ll want to head straight to Estia in Inglewood. Filled with lamb, potato, zucchini, eggplant and tomato and topped with a béchamel sauce, you could say that Estia’s moussaka is the Greek version of lasagne, but you’d probably be committing a cardinal sin if you did. Grab a side of the toasted pita served with hummus, tatziki and the like and a traditional Greek coffee to wash it all down.

#5 Baklava | Boucla Kafenion


Syrupy sweet with crisp golden pastry, we sure do love the baklava at Boucla Kafenion. It’s the kind of baklava which melts in your mouth, layered with nuts and delicious pastry. You could easily indulge on half a dozen, but beware, the sugar shakes will set in after your third.

#6 Bougatsa | Odyssea

City Beach

Get your day of to a Greeky start at Odyssea and order their bougatsa. Odyssea fill this traditional Greek breakfast pastry with vanilla ricotta and chargrilled Manjimup peach. It’s definitely on the more indulgent side of the scale when it comes to breakfast, but what the heck, treat yo’ self!

#7 Yiros | Cosmos Kebabs


This is the kebab you’ll want to stay sober for so you can remember it in all its juicy, saucy glory. We’d even go as far to say it’s the best kebab in Perth. Better yet, Cosmos let you order online for pick-up or DELIVERY. Yep. They’re the real Greek legends. Be sure to get a side of chips, they’re freakin’ delicious!

#8 Lamb Shoulder | Lady Of Ro


We’ve been talking about the lamb shoulder at Lady of Ro for quite some time now. It’s all kinds of juicy delicious. Served with chargrilled veggies, you definitely won’t want to share this one!

#9 Chicken Souvlaki | Greek St Grill

Food Truck

Taking Greek to the streets of Perth, Greek St Grill’s chicken souvlaki is the star of the show and just about as authentic as you could get. Served with pita, tomato, red onion, tzatziki and mustard, you’ll soon be chasing this little food truck all over Perth to get your fix.

#10 Tzatziki | George’s Meze Cafe Bar & Restaurant


Who would have thought greek yoghurt, garlic and cucumber would make such a good mix? The Greek’s, that’s who! If dips are your thing, you’ll want to head to George’s Meze in Subiaco for their tzatziki where it’s totally acceptable to eat your body weight in the white creamy stuff.

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