Perth’s Best Stylists

By Sarah Joanna Pope
2nd Feb 2016

Everybody loves a makeover, which is why the makeover episode of The Biggest Loser is roughly 17 years long, give or take.

We love to watch it on TV but would you enlist a team of stylists and tastemakers to work their magic on your life? Surely enlisting Perth’s most design savvy is not a practical option for us mere mortals? 

Wrong! So wrong. You’re wrong. Get ready for a movie montage makeover moment because we’ve tracked down some of Perth’s best stylists for you. You’re gonna want to write their number down. You slob.


Interior designer? Beautiful garden? But I’m poor! Sad face.

I felt the same way—just proud that I manage to keep my room clean 50% of the time and grew some basil once—but it turns out beautiful interiors and exteriors can happen to us modest income households too—who knew?

Twinkle & Whistle

Nelly Reffet, the interior designer behind the award winning Twinkle & Whistle is all about affordable design for real interiors. This French native will put her design savoir-faire to finding out what will work best for your lifestyle and budget.

“I’m like your design best friend,” she says. And she does feel like it. During our consultation we bitch about the fads we hate (no more wall-to-wall copper please), she tells me the quickest way to spruce up a room (lighting and window treatments) and suggests I sell pieces of furniture that I don’t love – “just enjoy the white space,” she says.

She also figures out why I haven’t been using my tiny office for writing. Perhaps counter intuitively, I need to make the tiny room feel even smaller with some dark paint, lots of pictures and a cosy rug. “It’s all about working with what you’ve got,” says Nelly. “It’s never going to be a big room, so make it a cosy writers attic.”

Slightly Garden Obsessed

So your interior is looking sweet, but your garden looks like a giant dog had its way with it. It’s time for Mon Palmer from Slightly Garden Obsessed to step in. She has awards. Good ones. 

She’s also designed for the likes of Oracle Fox and Style Mecca—who drool over her Instagram as much as the rest of us. 

Mon, the garden-design queen, will work out what you want from you garden and help transform it into an inner city Eden. You can pick her brain over an initial consult or have her design an almost-real 3D design for you to follow yourself.


That bandage dress isn’t looking so good anymore and you look like a pack of Crayons had a street fight on your face…Fear not, we have you covered!

Viva Personal Style

Meeting the stylish Stephanie Radonich from Viva Personal Style was eye-opening to say the least. The personal styling process was extensive and we covered everything from my body type to my best colours (I even got a handy colour palette to keep). Stephanie sorted through my wardrobe and tactfully convinced me to relinquish my more neglected items. Clothes were left handily sorted for their purpose – work, casual, going out, workout.

Now everything fits, I’ve got a new excuse to shop for missing items that I NEED and I’ve stopped having that dream where I die a hoarder, trapped under my unworn backless dresses.

Style by Yellow Button

Australian personal styling powerhouse and my Pinterest hero, Style by Yellow Button, were responsible for making sure our Urban List gals didn’t embarrass themselves at Telstra Perth Fashion Week—at least until their third champagne. 

They’ll take you shopping, review and cleanse your wardrobe or simply put their fashion eye to wherever you need it. The Style By Yellow Button team also do lots of clever designing in other slovenly areas of your life—like your dump of a house. Clever ducks.


We all know better than to attempt anything drastic ourselves right? Wrong! (I just cut me a new fringe after a few glasses of red, I like to live dangerously.) But you’re better than that, so we’ve handpicked two of the finest salons in Perth for you to get the purdy hairs.

The Nest Hair Boutique | Attadale

“Why did I say no to the champagne that was on offer?” I ask myself as salon owner Charlie works on delivering the big bouncy and beautiful hair that The Nest Hair Boutique is all about. In fact, I feel like I’m backstage at a Victoria’s Secret show as there are pretty longhaired blonde things everywhere.

The salon is gloriously kitschy and quirky and yet it retains the feel of a luxury salon, which it is. Their talented team of stylists fly around the world for things like Canadian fashion week and they sell the exclusive Oribe product range—look it up, it’s a big deal. Charlie (who is a total crack up) promises me that she’s ballsey enough to take the lead in the hair decision department (I need this, that red-wine fuelled fringe was no joke). Check out their “Nest Knows Best” appointments and discover this place for yourself.

Harfoner | Fremantle

I was creepily watching Harfoner on Instagram before a picture of a music festival ‘do, complete with gold leaf on the roots, sent me over the edge, and through their doors. The salon is a happy convergence of the elegant Scandinavian aesthetic of owner and stylist Louise and the hip indie vibe of her team of stylists. The result was one of the best colours I’ve ever had (thanks Mel)—a natural balayage blonde that’s as effortless and low maintenance as I am lazy.

Harfoner, that’s hairdryer in Norwegian (a nod to Louise’s first boss), stock Sachajuan products. After just over a year on the scene, they’ve already earned some serious street cred. Get in while you can, trust me.

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Image credit: Style By Yellow Button

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