Redhead Emojis Are Finally Here!

By Grace Noles
5th Jun 2018

Redhead Emojis Are Finally Here!

Gingers have had a lot of hardship in their lives, but this week will see the end of one of our many fought battles. That’s right—ginger emojis are about to drop and we can’t be any. More. Excited. 

For too long 2% of the population has been left out of all the emoji fun but enough is enough. Lucky for us, The Unicode Consortium (AKA the people behind emojis) agree and, after announcing redheaded emojis waaay back in February the time has come to put them into action. Now there will be no more heartbreak of having to choose between blonde and brunette in a totally inaccurately represented text message because there will be flame hair-coloured emojis in each and every skin tone to ensure no one misses out.

The new update will also bring kangaroos, raccoons, curly hair, bald emojis, supervillains and superheroes, hot and cold faces, parrots, and peacocks to our keyboards in the very near future. The official 2018 batch of emojis is set for release this week which will allow for Apple, Android, and Microsoft to start designing their versions of the emojis for their next software updates. We’re one step closer to redheaded equality!

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