These Are Your Favourite Stories From 2015

By Tessa Gallagher
22nd Dec 2015

The Hardware Store | Image credit: Louise Coghill

Well, what a year 2015 was! We saw more restaurants, cafes and bars open in Perth than ever before, there were pop-ups aplenty, and we witnessed some pretty ridiculous things done to the humble milkshake and doughnut. All in all, I’m surprised we’re not all about 10kg heavier!

There have been some articles that have seriously sent you guys into a frenzy this year—so if you’re looking to round out 2015 with something a little special, there’s plenty of love to go around in our top articles for 2015. Merry Christmas!

15. We’ve got a pretty sweet coastline here in Perth so obviously you loved Perth’s Beachside Dining Just Went Up A Notch.

14. You’re clearly a romantic bunch and the proof is in 12 Of Our Favourite Perth Date Night Restaurants.

13. How far have you made it through our list of 50 Things To Do In Perth under $50?

12. You’re a fit bunch looking for new adventures, as 10 Of Perth’s Best Walks And Hikes shows.

11. Perth City is flying high, and these 10 Perth Restaurants You Need To Visit Now are leading the way.

10. We know you guys love doughnuts, so obviously you loved Perth’s 9 Best Doughnuts To Get Your Mouth Around.

9. Clearly, you were hanging out for Spring, ‘cause 50 Things To Do In Perth This Spring came in at number 9.

8. Everyone loves 25 Of Perth’s Best Cheap Eats, especially if you've generously given yourself one too many Christmas gifts. 

7. The New Crop Of Perth Cafes, Restaurants And Bars You Need To Know About ranked highly, because who doesn't like shiny new things?!

6. Freo didn’t get named one of Lonely Planet’s top cities to visit in 2016 for nothin’! 14 Fremantle Restaurants And Cafes You Need To Visit shows there’s some pretty amazing eateries in our port city!

5. Seems as though you guys love eating as much as we do because 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Perth was our fifth most read article.

4. Clearly, there aint' enough breakfast going around for your liking…if the reaction to 15 Perth Breakfasts To Try In 2015 is anything to go by?!

3. Looks like you guys were really thirsty in 2015 as shown by your love for 35 Perth Bars You Should Have Been To.

2. At The Urban List, we'd like to think we know Perth pretty well. 50 Things You Should Have Done If You Live In Perth must have been at least a little accurate!

1. Did you all feel the feels when you read 45 Things That Are So Perth It Hurts? We’re guessing so as it was our most read story of the year!

If you're clinging to 2015, we feel you. Here's Perth’s Best Salted Caramel Everything and Where To Find Perth’s Best Coffee to hang onto this year. 

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