Trend Alert: Origami

By Marilynn McLachlan
11th Jan 2016

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Those colouring books and pens on your shelf, in your drawer, wherever you need a break are soooo 2015—this year it’s all about paper folding fun—origami.

The colouring craze taught us how to keep calm, get mindful and really appreciate the quiet moments in life (seriously, were we all that miserable?) but over the next few months, you’ll learn how to create some serious calm by folding paper. There’s Zen Doodling Origami followed by Step-By-Step Doodle Origami (including 20 sheets of paper), both by Carolyn Scrace. These take the benefits of Zen doodling and combines them with the artistic challenge of origami for a way to create something beautiful and unique.

These gems of books will be followed by Color-Gami: Color and Fold Your Way To Calm, Zen Origami: 20 Modular Forms for Meditation and Calm and the Book of Mindful Origami: Fold Paper, Unfold Your Mind

Many people spent hours of their childhood creating paper cranes and little present boxes from beautiful origami paper, but you’ve probably forgotten it all now, so get ahead of the trend and visit YouTube for an abundance of tutorials, or find an origami club to meet like-minded people who love to fold paper as much as you're going to when you've adopted this trend. (they exist, trust us).

We’re just hoping that the delicate skill and nimble fingers needed to create these tiny (yet totally amazing) works of art will bring out our chill vibes and not have us howling in frustration when the crane looks more like a mutated baboon. 

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Image credit: kaltrinankastrati via Instagram

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