What Your V-Day Rendezvous Says About You

By Anna May
1st Feb 2016

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If I sat you down and told you I took advice from a candle this V-Day, and assured you I would be taking it seriously, you’d probably nod your head and back away slowly before calling the cops. But seriously, you want to listen to this, because The Urban List have teamed up with the guys behind Glasshouse Fragrances, the best damn candles in the biz (yep, the ones that make you want to bite into them* because they smell so gosh darn incredible), to bring you some sage advice this Valentine’s Day.

When we got up close and personal with the sweet-smelling jars of wax and wick, they told us that taking a same-same strategy is boring AF, and inspired us to keep things interesting this year. How interesting? So interesting, in fact, that we’re delving deep into your psyche to let you know what your V-Day rendezvous says about you.

Be not afraid, there’s no wrong way to celebrate this heart-filled day.

*Don’t bite into them. They are a smell, not taste kind of thing.

The First Date | A Wine Bar

Ohhhh, you’re one brave son-of-a-nutcracker, aren’t you? Heading out to test the waters on this day full of overpriced roses, unwanted gerberas, and broken promises. If the sorting hat landed on your head, you’d be sitting at the Gryffindor table in no time. Throw caution to the wind and be yourself, buddy, show the other side of the table just the kind of risk taker you are. Second date: skydiving.

Try: Budburst Small Bar

Renew The Spark | The Fancy-Pants Restaurant

Things getting staler than the water crackers at the back of your cupboard? Ditch the sensible 3-pack undies and Gogglebox re-runs for a night, and shut the damn door when you pee, mmkay? The fancy-pants restaurant is a sure sign you’re looking to re-kindle that first date spark that saw you climb into the back seat of your mum’s Tarago so many years ago. It’s still there, guys, waiting to be rediscovered.

Try: Wildflower

The Friend Zone | Your Local Pub

God, you’re a slick one, aren’t you? Nothing makes a woman’s panties drop like $12 steak night and a ticket in the meat tray. Hate to break it to you, sugar, but looks like you’ve been firmly placed in the friend zone. Before you turn that smile into a wrinkle-inducing frown, take a walk on the bright side with me. You never know, there might be room for some no-strings-attached action if you get my drift (and I really hope you do, because it was painfully obvious). So chug those shots, jump on the mechanical bull, and see where the night takes you (or the morning…)

Try: As if we need to suggest anything, you’re there every Friday night anyway

Dirty Weekend | A Cabin Down South

Either you’re a serial killer *giggles nervously*, or there’s only one thing on your mind this evening, and it sure as hell ain’t the gorgeous foliage at this time of year. Unless you’re a fan of the carpet matching the drapes… But that’s another story. Be honest… How long has it been? Are we talking a slight sweep of dust, a few cobwebs, or is there pretty much a ‘for lease’ sign out front? Worry not, my little cauliflower, it’s just you, your lover, and a slightly itchy rug this weekend. Here’s a tip: grab some delicious-smelling Glasshouse Fragrances, light ‘em up and the object of your affection will be putty in your hands (which will probably be happy to get a break, by the way).

Try: Airbnb

The Girls Night |  Dance it Up

Sigh. Right. Okay. I know you’re happily single and in protest of this day and all, but if you so much as enter the realm of imagining maybe saying the word ‘commercialised’, you’re just as bad as the couples nibbling on each-others ear in the corner. V-Day is an excellent opportunity to get the girls out. And by girls, I mean the ones in your phone, not under your top, okay? Single ladies have the luxury of not living under a layer of relationship bulge, so put on your best, hit the DF and show ‘dem boyz why you’re single, sexy, and free for a reason.

Try: Hula Bula Bar

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