Where To Get Your Lamington Fix In Perth This Australia Day

By Anna Franklyn
24th Jan 2017

Is there anything more Australian than a lamington? Apart from Bunnings sausage sizzles and a Christmas pav, we think not. But ain’t no one got time for a sub-par lamington, so if you’re not convinced that your local bakery can deliver the goods, check out these Perth hot spots for the best lamington flavoured desserts in Perth.

Just remember that these bad boys are limited edition and are being made especially for Straya Day, so get in quick or live a life of regret.

Lamington Cake Stecco Gelato | Whisk Creamery

Northbridge And Subiaco

Well this is quite simply the stuff Australian dreams are made of. Coconut cake gelato, lamington sponge and raspberry jam on a stick, all covered in chocolate and coconutty goodness! These are available now for a limited time, and the Whisk Northbridge store will be open on Australia Day so you can get your Lamington fix. Take my money!

Lamington Gelato | Gusto Gelato

Elizabeth Quay And Leederville

In the mood for some milk chocolate gelato with light, fluffy and delicious lamingtons smashed through it? Thought so. Head to Gusto Gelato on Australia Day (and Australia Day only) to get your fix. If you feel like getting really Australian, you might want to opt for a double scoop and add the pavlova gelato to your order. The Gusto team will be scooping all day long at their Leedy and Lizzie Quay stores.

Lamington Martini | The Emerson Bar


If you'd prefer your lamingtons alcoholic, head straight to The Emerson Bar—do not pass go, do not collect $200. For a sweet 10 bucks you can find yourself sipping a lamington martini on the rooftop of this new three-storey bar. These guys will be closed on Australia Day but they'll be pouring these until the end of the weekend so you've got plenty of time to get in there!

Lamington Layer Cake Duo | Bites By D

Mount Hawthorn

This Australia Day the team at Bites By D are doing a duo of lamington layer cakes. There’s the coconut infused sponge with strawberry and coconut layers and the vanilla sponge with chocolate mouse and raspberry jelly. If you’re into pavlova, they’re also doing mini pavs with fresh berries and Chantilly cream. These guys won’t be open on Australia Day so get in ASAP to snap these up!

Pimped Up Lamingtons | Wild Bakery


Wild Bakery is pimping up their lamingtons with Armagnac poached cherries and mascarpone cream for Aussie Day. One of our fave bakeries of all time, we have no doubt these babies will be delish. The crew here are also taking a well-deserved break on Aussie Day so hurry up and get yours now.

Lamington Marshmallows | Little Polka Dot Pantry


If you’re a marshmallow fan and you haven’t heard about Little Polka Dot Pantry you’re missing out. These are marshmallows for adults, and for a limited time, they are doing lamington flavoured marshmallows. Get your orders in quick smart!

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Image credit: Whisk Creamery

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