Wi-Fly | Virgin Just Launched International Wi-Fi So You Can Netflix and Chill In The Air

By Simone Jovel
5th Jun 2018

The World’s Longest Long Haul Flight Is Launching Next Month

ICYMI International Wi-Fi is now officially a thing on Virgin Australia flights to LA. We know. Gone are the days filled with the kind of anxiety we like to call—WTF have I missed back on land?!—because if you, like us have a low-key (read: high) addiction to the scroll, air travel in 2018 just got #connected.

You’ll want to nab yourself flights on one of Virgin’s five Boeing 777 aircrafts between here and the City of Angels, knowing you can search all the best spots for G&Ts in WeHo before you’ve even picked up the keys to your Instagrammable AF Airbnb studio.

There’s already Wi-Fi on select domestic flights, with plans to extend this further, and word on the street is our mates at Qantas are also set to roll out Wi-Fi on domestic flights in the near future.

You really want to go somewhere now don't you? No worries, there's a site for that.

Image credit: unsplash

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