Your Favourite Italian Joint Is Here To Save Winter

By Emma Pegrum
1st Jun 2018


We don’t mean to alarm you, but Il Lido has brought back their Dine Italy 20-week series to save winter and it’s already two weeks in.

As if Il Lido’s menu could get any better, their Dine Italy series takes you on a culinary journey through 20 regions of Italy, without needing to leave the warm, canteen-style eatery. Four courses, four wines, eight reasons to come back week after week. The experience comes complete with a food passport, which not only details the style of food you can expect from each region, but also gets stamped as you eat your way through them.

What You'll Get

Italian cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious, varying according to native regional ingredients and the influence of neighbouring countries. But from the wealthy, European north to the Grecian-esque south, what holds true is a respect for classic flavours and elegant simplicity.

Il Lido are running these dinners all winter. Each week will offer an opportunity to not only indulge in some of the best, most authentic Italian food and wine you’ll get in Perth, but also to learn about Italy’s rich culinary history.

We’re already in week three, and find ourselves hungry in the northwest region of Veneto. Dishes here are known to be exotic and exciting, encompassing everything from seafood to livestock to fresh vegetable produce. On the menu? Open with a classic Venetian salted cod paste with white anchovies and capers, before digging into 100-day grain fed beef carpaccio for primo. Next, soothe all your wintry blues with a Risotto All’Amarone – a red wine risotto with radicchio (a much-prized regional ingredient), pancetta and gorgonzola. And for dessert: a classic Venetian style pear tart, doused in cinnamon and rum.

The whole thing wouldn’t be complete without the wines, and if there were any week to say yes to a fully paired four-course meal it’s this one, because the Veneto produces more quality wine than any other region of Italy. Expect the unique, highly acclaimed and, to be layman about it, downright delicious Soave to accompany your antipasti, move through some indulgent reds and finish with a Prosecco, of which the region produces some 120million bottles per year.

Sound good? Keep in mind there’s still 17 weeks of this culinary mayhem to go. From the fine dairy of Lombardy and the white truffle of Piedmont, to the home of Pesto in the sub-tropical Liguria and the home of Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic and bolognese in Emilia-Romagna, don’t expect the mouth-watering menus to let up any time soon. And that’s all in the weeks before reaching the south, where you can expect the fresh seafood specialties of Campania, the famous Orecchiette of Puglia, the hearty vegetable pastas and soups of Calabria and the varied dishes of Sicily, where the cuisine traces the many cultures which established themselves on the island over the last two millennia. If you were worried about winter getting the better of you, you’ve found your saviour.

Serving up the Dine Italy menu on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only every week, be sure to get yourself a spot (and a passport!) or risk ultimate regrets.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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