Your WA Iconic Fitness Event Bucket List

By Lisa O'Neill
12th Mar 2016

Having a big goal on your radar permeates every single day with a little excitement that you’re going to do something great. What ultimate feat are you striving for, guys? There are a few freaking fabulous iconic events over here on the west side, so allow us to whet your appetite for a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal). Go on, you good thing, we know you’re up for it.

Rottnest Channel Swim

The ferry is totally overrated. At least, it is once a year when you can swim to Rotto with a couple of thousand other people, surrounded by support boats and led by a canoe paddler. The Rottnest Channel Swim, a 19.7-kilometre aquatic pilgrimage, should be number one on your list because there is nothing quite like the feeling of stumbling onto Thomson's Bay with your sea legs wobbling, your tongue like a salty sea slug and some unavoidable sunburn dusting your shoulders. Oh, and the after party at the Rotto pub is epic—save a little energy for that. 

City To Surf

You’ll get what a runner’s high is as you run up St George’s Terrace shoulder to shoulder with 45,000 fellow athletes on City to Surf day. The buzz is palpable and thank gawd for that because the hill up Malcolm Street is the first indication you’re going to have to work hard to see that surf. With a marathon, half marathon, 12-kilometre and four-kilometre options on offer, there’s something for everyone. And if you go alright, there’s a $20k prize purse for the marathon winners. Mention us in your winner’s speech, mm-kay? 

Cape To Cape Mountain Bike

Driving from winery to winery is one way to do down south, but a glass of something delicious tastes so much better after maxing out your adrenal glands on a mountain bike. This four-day adventure covers 220-kilometres of varying terrain including single trails through the forest, farmland, a little tarmac time and some beach (the view will be pretty, but the leg burn will not be). You might forgive the organisers for the beach sections when they let you finish day two at Xanadu Winery and day three at Colonial Brewery. 

Busselton Jetty Swim

We’d be impressed if you just walked to the end and back, but swim around it and you’re a legend in our books! The longest jetty in the southern hemisphere means the Busselton Jetty Swim is a 3.6-kilometre journey (and that’s if you swim in a straight line, good luck with that) with a couple of thousand other punters by your side. Put thoughts of the local Great White aside (he hasn’t visited the swim in the 21 years it has been running, so odds are good you won’t be breakfast) and get paddling.

Busselton Ironman

Our south west has yet again put on a challenge that will test the best of us, but we think you’ve got this (don’t blame us for the calf cramps). Swim around the Busselton Jetty for 3.8-kilometres, cycle through the Tuart Forest National Park a meagre 180-kilometres and run 42.2-kilometres along the exquisite Busselton coastline. You’ve got 17-hours to complete the Busselton Ironman course and hear those sweet words of everlasting victory “you are an ironman”. Better get training! Oh and there’s a half version you can have a crack at first.

Avon Descent

Paddle your way over 124-kilometres of river, rapids and white water split over two days. Kicking off in Northam and finishing in Perth, the Avon Descent is a cool event for spectators to line the riverbank and cheer you on, especially at Duidgee Park on day one and Bells Rapids on day two. Can you see stay in your boat from start to finish? Unlikely, but there’s an extra challenge for you. And start doing a rain dance, like now, because you need the weather gods on your side and wet, wet, wet should be the backing music to that jig.

Augusta Adventure Fest

Do you get excited by the word “biggest”? Then jump aboard the adventure race train, as the Augusta Adventure Fest has organisers claiming it’s the biggest adventure race in the world. You’ll want to practise your rock hopping (it’s a skill, trust me), soft sand running (this ain’t no jog in the park), kayaking, mountain biking and ocean swimming (it’s cold, invest in or borrow a wetsuit). Expect cuts and bruises but you’ll be proud of those race souvenirs as your family/friends/workmates (insert admiring audience here) rate you the local Bear Grylls.

Step Up For MS

The strategic placement of buckets for competitors to throw up in indicates that Step Up For MS is not for the faint-hearted (including those who vomit at the smell of other people’s vomit… *raises hand). Ascend 1,103 steps to the top of Central Park and be rewarded with insane views of Perth and beyond, the knowledge you’re raising funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA and ridiculous amounts of quadricep burn.

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Image credit: Rapid Ascent

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