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10 Beauty Buffs To Follow On Instagram

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
17th Feb 2015

From polish to primers, lipstick to liners, these Instagramming stars give good glam! Sure, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but we think you’ll ‘like’ every single one of these hashtagging hotties.

Here are our picks for 10 of the best beauty accounts to follow on Instagram.


Do you really need to deliver that financial report to your board of directors by deadline…? Sure you could spend your afternoon balancing spreadsheets, but that eats away valuable time that could be better spent on @thebeautydept; precious hours scrolling through team tutorials, inspirations and obsessions; and debates about the big beauty questions such as, ‘is there truly a difference between matte or shimmer shadows?’. Obviously an Instagrammer who promises to ‘deliver your daily dose of pretty’ should make you reconsider how important it is to impress the boss, right?   (Especially if the account in question was founded and run by MTV's Lauren Conrad)


If you prefer your beauty to be of the garden variety (and not the grown-in-the-lab type), we suggest you get your green fingers and thumbs to log onto @grownalchemist. The official line is ‘A new generation of organic skincare formulations comprising of natural technologies... incorporating certified natural peptides & organic botanical ingredients’. But for those who prefer picture proof to science speak, the insta evidence is in the form of lots of sleek black and white snaps to inspire you to cleanse, detox, and activate (if not your skincare regime then at least your social media photography skills)


Do you spend sleepless nights wondering, ‘Are French tips cool again?’; kept awake trying to work out ‘the best makeup for blue eyes?’. Then throw away your Dozile and head to this beauty bastion fronted by Vogue Assistant, Emily Weiss for all the answers to put your mind at ease. Just be mindful you don’t spend all hours of the evening scrolling through ITG’s feed of pretty pics, quirky quotes, and food photos worth following… Cause that just puts you right back where you started doesn’t it?


Our personal opinion is that anyone who includes a variation of the term ‘the real’ in their Instagram handle is kind of a big deal. This is proven by @Pacmcgrathreal, who wants to reassure her 335K followers, that her feed of pretty products, model moments and celeb selfies are indeed being served by a ‘real’ International makeup artist. She is also a legitimate Creative Design Director of P&G Beauty, as well as a genuine collaborator with Covergirl, Dolce & Gabbana, and Max Factor. Definitely not some cheap imitation that will leave you with a nasty skin allergy!


A trip to your barber just too basic? Is the current heir to your hair care just not cutting it anymore? We love this locally run Insta account. With a gorgeous mix of coiffing inspo (white hair never looked so hot!), caffeine art, and an occasional cat tag, the peeps behind this San Souci salon never seem to put a hair out of place. Pin back your curls and keep your eyes peeled for secret invites to their events; like the just-passed 1st Birthday Masterclass—consider it one of the many fringe benefits!


If heaven came with a hashtag, @MeccaCosmetica would be divine inspiration. But for girls who gloss in the land of the living, the focus on cult brands makes it a primper’s paradise, on earth. In fact, there’s over 60 global labels bragging every time they release something new. The showoffs include: Stila, Nars, Bobbi Brown, and Philosophy. And the best bit? This cosmetics kingdom is ruled by Aussie founder, Jo Horgan. We couldn’t make-up that kind of rags to riches story if we tried.


It’s all about the face at @beautyisboring_ . No, you won’t see Meghan Trainor belting out a drunken karaoke version of her smash hit, however you will find make-up artist and photographer, Robin Black sharing her photo essay on the subject—in an ongoing project that features faces and looks that she finds beautiful regardless of age, gender, or cultural trends. While many are models, the non-Cara-Delvigne among us can find inspiration in a mix that also includes artists, musicians, actors, friends, and strangers with faces that Robin ‘just couldn’t resist’.


Latest findings have confirmed that coffee makes for a beautiful body. While a mocha frappe with whipped cream and four sugars doesn’t count, the caffeine-based skincare range (featuring scrubs & balm target) on @frank_bod promise to target dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, and scarring. If you like a latte, we think you’ll love this account, which lets you look at it in lotion form (as well as couples covered in coffee, which, trust us, is much sexier than it sounds!)


For those who truly care about hair, this account is one of the best tressed out there. With #3tonehairbraids; the kind of crazy manicure that helped Jess Mauboy land the cover of Elle Magazine, and candid pics of Heidi Klum about to face-plant a pavlova, it's just a standard couple of weeks over in the Instagram world of the salon taking credit for @sydneysbesthaircolourists, really.


What would you expect on the Instagram account of the old-school beauty editor at InStyle; Harper’s Bazaar, and SMH? Here’s another clue: said IGer has also been awarded several awards for Journalistic Excellence. Finally, what if we told you this style influencer has also worked professionally with SK-II, Clinique, Tresemmé, and Mimco? If you have a hunch that it’s a social media account focusing on the latest results from the English Premier League—then you’re terrible at this guessing game thing! However, a prediction that @eleanorpendleton will present you with the ‘Nitty gritty behind pretty’ is much more accurate. Think lusty shots of Jo Malone candles, pouting Black and White retros of Miss K. Moss, and the kind of artful lipstick smears to be expected of a former magazine beauty ed.

Got a suggestion we should add to our list of beauty accounts to follow on Instagram? Let us know!

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