14 Things To Do With Friends That Aren’t Getting A Drink

By Jessica Best - 13 May 2017

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Alright Sydney, we get it. You're a glorious city with an endless line of underground speakeasies, rooftop bars, gastro pubs, boozy brunches, thirsty Thursdays and Sunday sessions. And we’re all inadvertent alcoholics because of this.

But when you've reached your limit of frosé and Aperol spritz (God forbid), you might find yourself wondering what on earth you can do that doesn't include hitting up your local watering hole. That's when we come in.

Here are the best things to do in Sydney that don’t involve getting a drink!

Build A Terrarium

So apparently there’s an indoor-plant craze upon us (who would have thought?!) and if you’re keen to jump on the eco-friendly glass garden bandwagon, it’s time to put your green thumb to work at Flowerlane & Co. Not only are these babies low maintenance (read: if you’re lazy AF, these plants are for you) and sustainable, they’re also hella cute and the perfect way to freshen-up any space.

Go Bouldering

We’re not denying you won’t need a drink after you pay a visit to 9 Degrees but let’s just say this is the type of fun you can easily get addicted to. Think rock climbing without a harness. Yep, with over 140 climbs for you to defy gravity (with a heap of grace, obviously) we guarantee this bouldering gem will quickly become your new casual hangout.

Lock Yourself In A Paniq Room

You may (or may not) want to replace your Sunday session with trying to escape from a locked room (we promise this one’s more fun than it initially sounds). Recruit your squad for a big night out minus the booze. If you have the guts, Paniq Room is the ultimate adventure mission where you solve puzzles and break codes to escape before the timer goes off.

Create Ceramics

Hats off to Makerspace for having the greatest hand-building class ever (we guarantee you’ll come out of it with a prize creation ready to show off to all your friends). And the best part is, this class is for total beginners and there’s a heap of hands-on studio time with tools and firing to help perfect your masterpiece.

Do A Rollerfit Class

Yep, it’s a thing. And yep, it’s awesome. We know working out is a bit of a pain (read: cardi-no) buuut you’ll be able to work up a sweat and have a major laugh with RollFit Classes.

Think all the fun, all the roller disco party hits of the 80s and 90s, and obviously, all of the stacks.

The Indigo Project

The awesome team at The Indigo Project (the latest boutique mindfulness and yoga studio) give new meaning to the term rise and grind. Hit up the mindfulness meditation, yoga classes, workshops (like “how to get your shit together in 4 weeks”) and even nap classes. Yes, adult nap classes. Sign us up.

Dangle Around At Skypeak

Drinking games are fun and all but have you ever tried testing your skills with some serious sky challenges? Emphasis on the serious. A BIG emphasis. Yep, Skypeak is the aerial adventure full of mid-air bridge walks (just casually), barrel runs, rope climbs, chasm jumps, trapeze swings and an epic tree climb. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a massive adult playground. Score.

Hit Up Trapeze School Let’s just say a little bit of Trapeze School can get as messy as your Saturday night out (except you’ll be able to remember this one). Instead of reaching for the glass, you’ll be reaching for a harness for a lesson in flying trapeze, circus, aerial acts and juggling (if you’d rather keep those toes firmly on the ground). Hot Tip: tight clothes go a long way when you’re flipping upside down.

Fermentation Classes At The Cultured Artisan

So this one’s a bit of a cheat but we promise you’ll be fermenting for non-alcoholic reasons. The team at The Cultured Artisan is hosting some epic classes to give us the low down on fermenting (and it’ll certainly jazz up your non-existent cooking repertoire too). Choose from a bunch of workshops like sauerkraut, brined vegetables, kim chi and health tonics. You’ll obvs get to taste test everything as well.

Make Pottery

It’s definitely time to get your hands dirty with this one. The wheel-throwing lessons here are for complete beginners which means you won’t be the only one who sees their wet clay completely cave on your first try. Maybe second. And probably the third too. You’ll definitely be in great hands as you learn all the foundations of moulding pottery, including throwing, trimming and glazing.

Create Resit Art

Resit art, the type of art that never, ever looks bad. Ever. Which means we’ll all be happy lil’ Picassos, doing our psychedelic magic and coating our works with gloss like an arty boss. Check-in to Nadine Sharpe’s workshops, hosted to teach you all the skills on nailing this beautiful art form like how to properly use resin, pigments and other materials to make your art look hella good.

Bread Making At Dust

So when Dust has bread-making classes, you take your carb-craving belly, carb-cupping hands, and you go make all the carbs. Provided you're a fan of fluffy, doughy goodness, you’re going to love what’s in store. You’ll get a signature DUST Village loaf to take home, a group dinner with stone milled pizza and 1kg of freshly milled stone ground flour to give it a whirl back at your place.

Dance Class

Because everyone has an inner dance diva and F is for dance has a heap of awesome dance classes. We’re talking group favourites like Beyonce-themed classes, so even the biggest unco in your group will still want to bust a move.

School Of Life

School yourself on all the important things in life (seriously). The School of Life hosts workshops and conversations that are thought provoking and well worth your time. Sit in on talks on everything from how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one's past, how to achieve calm, and how better to understand.

You could go camping too, check out the best spots in Sydney here.

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