20 Sydney-Only Pick Up Lines

By Anna May
16th Jun 2017


Need a little help in the dating department? Join the club. When it comes to dating in Sydney, The Urban List is obviously your oracle for all things fun and new. But what about actually finding the dates? That’s a melon scratcher. But never fear, here are 20 pick up lines that might, might, work on a fellow Sydneysider. Let me know how it goes. 

Side note: We take no responsibility for any drinks that get thrown in your face as a result of these lines. Semi-side note: We take full responsibility for any phone numbers and/or back scratches that come as a result of these lines. 

  1. “I’d give up my spot in the line at Buffalo Dining Club for you.”
  2. “They call me the surprise huntsman, because I’ll make you scream in the shower.”
  3. “Girl, are you a farm-to-table zucchini flower? Because I’d stuff the hell out of you.”
  4. “I want to complain about house prices with you forever.”
  5. “Boy, you are rarer than a parking spot at Balmoral Beach.”
  6. “I’d love to leave an unexpected item in your bagging area.”
  7. “Girl, are you a tax return? Because I want to do you on the table all night long.”
  8. “Violets are blue, roses are red, I’d skip Origin to hang out with you instead.”
  9. “With you in my life, who needs avo on toast?”
  10. “Boy, are you the L90? Because I’d sit on you for two hours.”
  11. “I burnt the coffee beans while staring at you, but it was worth it.”
  12. “Are you from Warragamba? Because DAAAMMMM, girl!”
  13. “Are you from The Shire? Because I can feel something happening South of my jeans.”
  14. “I’d take a taxi through the CBD at peak hour just to get to you.”
  15. “Can I take you up the Centrepoint Tower?”
  16. “You make me hotter than a seatbelt in the middle of December.”
  17. “I’d run through a field of bindis for you.”
  18. “I would never forget to tap you before I get off.”
  19. “Boy, are you a photo of a sunset? Because I am feeling #blessed right now.”
  20. “I live next to Gelato Messina.”

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Image credit: Crazy Stupid Love

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