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5 Interior Design Trends To Nail In 2020

By Sophie Oddo
18th Feb 2020

Whether you’re a home-owner, renter or still living at home, there’s no better feeling than channelling your inner Neil Whittaker and transforming your house into a stylish home. 

With the new year comes an array of new and eye-catching interior design trends, so to help us uncover the latest and greatest, we’ve teamed up with Carpet Court to dissect what and how we should be incorporating these into our humble abodes.

Eclectic Mix Of Old And New

Gone are the days of interior design ‘perfection’, with eclectic and unique mixes of old and new proving as the new way to show personal style and character in your home. It’s time to ditch the one-stop-shop approach to design and time to start creating an aesthetic fusion of classic old treasures and newly-purchased pieces.

Don’t be afraid to hit op shops or dig through your local Vinnies for pieces that are worn-in. They showcase a story and alongside contemporary stylish pieces, they bring together a cohesive look. Taking this approach to interior design will help to make you and your guests feel at ease to live comfortably within the home.

Real Plants

Plant lovers unite, as the trend for leafy green pops of colour is not going anywhere anytime soon. Indoor plants are incredibly versatile, helping to showcase personality in your home, as well as adding layers and texture to a space. Whether you’re after a low maintenance rubber tree, climate resistance natives or a large statement monstera, there’s just about every type of plant to suit every kind of style.

Once you’ve decided on your plants, the fun doesn’t end there, with ceramic pots, planters, baskets and hangers all helping to add to the fun of investing in plants in the home. Not only will the addition of plants make your home a comfortable and refreshing space to be in, but they can also be an effective mechanism in dealing with stress and helping to promote mindfulness. It’s a win-win. 

Polished Concrete Out, Carpet In

Polished concrete floors and industrial design were once all the rage, but now people are turning towards spaces that are more warm and comforting—it is your home after all. With this design trend, things like unique rugs and carpet are starting to become more mainstream with a wide range of materials, colours and patterns allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to complimenting interior style.

Whether you’re trying to nail a modern, contemporary or traditional look, there’s plenty of options to help add texture and depth to your room. Carpeting and rugs have come a long way and can now be used for all kinds of purposes such as functional carpets for high traffic areas, soft carpets for a luxurious and comfortable touch, textured carpets to provide durability and style and performance carpet for aesthetics and practicality.

Earthy Tones

Mimicking the colours and textures of nature, such as wood, metals and foliage, earthy tones emulate nature’s most basic elements and are often used in the making of furniture and home accessories. These tones, along with rich forest greens, taupe and clay colours, will be replacing neutrals in and around the home to help create a zen-like environment for home-dwellers. 

If you’re after something with a bit more punch, shades of pink are set to be strong in 2020. Evolving from millennial pink, you can expect to see soft peachy corals and earthy terracotta pinks make a stand in the interior design world. Golden yellows and plush velvets are also great colours to dapple in if you’re looking for something out of the box. 

Sustainable Styling

In the world of fast fashion, it’s no surprise that the sustainability trend has now seeped into the design industry. As a large majority of consumers want to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, the demand for sustainably harvested materials and production has increased rapidly. 

2020 design trends will see consumers looking to purchase furniture from local or recycled materials, as well as reducing waste by upcycling and recycling homewares. So next time you’re shopping for wooden homewares, look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo that denotes sustainably managed forests, or better yet, jump on Gumtree and give an old piece of furniture a new home. 

What are you waiting for? Dream it, style it and live it thanks to Carpet Court carpet and flooring.

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