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5 Reasons To Change Your Mind About Bourbon

By Anna May
26th Feb 2015

If you’re not a fan of this liquid gold, it’s about time you changed your mind. You may have had a bad experience, or perhaps you’ve just been drinking the wrong stuff.

But as seasoned experts in the art of cocktail drinking, we know there are countless ways to enjoy this amber liquid in all its glory, without the throat-burning, nose-scrunching shudder that can come from so many low-quality bourbons.

So, if you’re not sold on this delicious drop just yet, be prepared to change your mind. And if you’re already a bourbon drinker, well, here’s a little refresher, as well as some of the best bourbon cocktails in Sydney.. 

1.    It’s So Much More Than A Base Spirit

If you’ve fallen victim to the tired bourbon and Coke too many times, you might not know that using a strong, sugary mixer does nothing but mask the taste of this smooth and slightly sweet bourbon. Instead of this time-tested combination, branch out and find some original bourbon cocktail recipes. The slightly spicy flavours of Bulleit Bourbon perfectly mingle with the tart kick of freshly squeezed apple juice, check this out for some inspo: 


Got a hankering for apple? Head into Shady Pines Saloon

2.    It Might Just Cure The Common Cold

Remember the warm, comforting concoction your mum used to make when you were little and you had a scratchy throat or a sniffly nose? Well, the adult version is just as effective, but ten times more fun. Make yourself a mix of hot tea, add a drop of honey, a squeeze of lemon and a nip of bourbon and watch your ailment melt away with the smooth, slightly sweet and punchy flavour of this warming remedy. Not sick but like the sound of it? Try a Bulleit Iced Tea with Lemon, recipe below: 


Sound good? Get your hands on something similar at Low302

3.    You Can Have It For Dessert

As much as we love a big fat pile of dessert to gobble up after dinner, sometimes a liquid pudding is even more satisfying and just as fun. A boozy dessert-style aperitif that comes in a convenient liquid form is always okay by us, and Bulleit’s subtle maple flavours basically mean you can add it to anything from a twist on an espresso martini to a classic affogato. If you want something a little bit lighter but as punchy and twice as delicious, check out the Bulleit American Pie here: 


Apple Pie got you thirsty? Ask for a variation at Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice

4.    It’s An Instant Refresher

If there’s anything we like doing on a hot day where our thirst seems unquenchable, it’s to enjoy a refreshing drink, preferably of the ice-cold persuasion. Perhaps, on occasions such as these, you’ve partaken in an enormous jug of vodka and juice, or endless bloating beers, but if there was ever a time to add bourbon to your repertoire, it would be now. We just can’t say no to an incredibly satisfying, thirst-quenching and body-cooling mint julep in this thirsty hour, check out this one and try your luck: 


Look appealing? Try something similar at Bondi Hardware

5.    It Will Open Your Eyes To A Wider World Of Drinks

When it comes to enjoying classic cocktails, it can take a while to wrap your head around the boozier ones, especially if you’re new to bourbon. Start with a bourbon sour, get to know the flavours and work your way up the cocktail ladder. A well-made cocktail made with quality spirits lets its ingredients shine, so try your hand on two classic bourbon cocktails: the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned, you’ll be channelling your inner Don Draper in no time. Here’s a cocktail-for-thought: 


Feeling thirsty? Grab an Old Fashioned at Bulletin Place

Want more delicious Bulleit Bourbon cocktail recipes? Check out their YouTube channel here.

Image credit: Bulleit Bourbon

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