50 Things To Do In Sydney This Summer

By Anna May - 17 Dec 2014

Summer is officially here! ‘Tis the season for getting jolly, salty, sunkissed skin, eating  and good times galore. To make sure this season is the best it can be, we’ve put together your ultimate Sydney summer bucket list. 

What are you waiting for?! 

1.    Grab your mates for a picnic in Centennial Park, and secure one of their BBQs for free!

2.    Drive up to Palm Beach (get there early) and nab yourself a table at The Boathouse for a day of fresh prawns and wine.

3.    Enjoy a long, boozy lunch at North Bondi Fish and be sure to cap it off with an espresso martini icy pole.

4.    Draw something inappropriate on your mate’s back when they ask you to put sunscreen on them.

5.    Learn to surf. But actually do it this time. 

6.    Enlist a buddy and do the Spit to Manly walk.

7.    Then celebrate your achievement with a beer at Wharf Bar afterwards.

8.    Achieve the perfect sandy summer locks without the cost, with a bottle of Sun-in.*

9.    Brave the heights and jump for your life off the rocks at Camp Cove.

10.    Try your luck at making a vodka watermelon.

11.    Head to Marrickville Organic Markets and stock up on lots of fresh produce for your kitchen.

12.    Brave the rats tails and overpriced snacks, and head out for a splashin’ good time at Wet n’ Wild Sydney.

13.    Make your way to Circular Quay with a stuffed kangaroo and casually walk around pretending to ride it, confusing all tourists.

14.    Pack up the car, make a playlist and head off into the great unknown for a summer road trip.

15.    Visit one of Sydney’s best kept secret beaches.

16.    Make like a tourist and visit Taronga Zoo. Or partake in a Roar & Snore to stay the night in style.

17.    Head to Bunnings for a hung over sausage sizzle or three.

18.    Visit Bondi Icebergs Terrace and get involved in a boozy Sunday brunch with bottomless prosecco.

19.    Stay out of the burning sun and bronze yourself the smart way at Tan Temple.

20.    Treat your sore head to a hot, steaming plate of dumplings at one of Sydney’s best yum cha restaurants.

21.    Live your dream of jumping into a vat of foam bricks at SkyZone.

22.    Have a beer, food truck and banter evening at Batch Brewing Co.

23.    Grab a ferry and hightail it out to Cockatoo Island for a day time drinking session at The Island Bar.

24.    Leave your dignity at the door and go crazy at the Gelato Messina Dessert Bar.

25.    Pay an exorbitant amount to ride a questionable roller coaster at Luna Park Sydney.

26.    Attempt to burn off your silly season binges with a workout at KX Pilates.

27.    Live your childhood dream of running off to join the circus by free falling at Sydney Trapeze School.

28.    Take in some home grown talent with a gig at Beach Road Hotel.

29.    Attempt to bake cookies on your car’s dashboard on a stinking hot day. 

30.    Get yourself down to the newly refurbished Opera Bar and make your way through the new menu.

31.    Make sure no evening on the town is complete without a visit to Mr Crackles.

32.    Literally dance like no one is watching at No Lights No Lycra.

33.    Relive your youth and grab a sherbet or freckle ice cream cone from the Mr Whippy truck.

34.    Not a fan of the beach? Hightail it to Northbridge Baths for a dip in one of Sydney’s best swimming pools.

35.    Get in touch with local flora and fauna by tackling one of the Royal National Park Walks.

36.    Kick back, relax and simply accept the Christmas period traffic like a trooper.

37.    Pack the bare essentials and become one with nature at one the best camping spots near Sydney.

38.    Gather up your girls and head out for a (not-so) classy Ladies Lunch.

39.    Eat fish and chips on the beach and just accept it’s all going to our seagull friends eventually.

40.    Celebrate the forthcoming weekend in style at Roll On Thursdays at Sky Terrace.

41.    Perve on the bangin’ lifeguards at pretty much any beach in Sydney.

42.    Don your best plaid-and-polo combo and head for a twilight round at Palm Beach golf course.

43.    Put reindeer antlers and a red nose on your car. Go on, it looks great…

44.    Buy an entire tray of mangoes and commit to eating them only with your hands.

45.     Have a quiet(ish) one on New Years Eve and head to Field Day on January 1.

46.    Grab your blankets, snacks and booze and head to Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema on Bondi Beach. We’ll be front-and-centre for the Grease sing-along.

47.    Cover your mate’s car in Glad Wrap and watch the hilarity unfold.

48.    Do a day trip up to Port Stephens and try your luck at sandboard surfing.

49.    Gather up your mates and head to Lentil As Anything for a deliciously soul-gratifying experience.

50.    Get a tarpaulin, the hose and some Morning Fresh to make yourself a backyard Slip’N Slide.

*Don’t do this. Instead, read this before changing your hair colour.

Image credit: Luis Hernandez 

Facebook image credit: @biancaboulden

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