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6 Beauty Myths Debunked

By Rachel Stevenson
6th Apr 2015

We've all heard them – those slightly dubious beauty myths that we're not sure we actually believe, but follow religiously for fear of our hair failing out/turning green/going frizzy in the rain. Wouldn't life be simpler if we actually knew which ones were true and which ones we were free to disregard? Yes? Well, luckily for you, we've done our research. Listers, here are those pesky beauty myths debunked (you can thank us later!).

#1 Rinsing hair with cold water at the end of a shower will make your hair shiny

Okay, so the thought process here is that washing your hair with cold water will close the cuticles, making your hair shine. While this (kind of) makes sense, really, hair is dead. So no amount of cold water rinses are going to bring back that healthy gloss to your split ends!

#2 When you shave, hair grows back thicker

While it seems that hair grows back thicker after you've shaved, actually, shaving removes the dead part of the hair and has no effect on the living part still growing below the skin. The hair regrowth basically seems thicker because: 1) The shaved hair is course due to having been cut and 2) The new hair hasn't yet been lightened by the sun so appears dark. Phew! 

#3 Your skin/hair gets used to products, so you need to change them up every now and again

So it turns out there's no truth to the fact that your body ‘gets used’ to certain products. We did discover however that products can build up on your hair or skin, so it is good to change products every now and then to prevent this. But, if you've found a product you absolutely love, then there's no urgency to switch after a few months.

#4 Brushing your hair when it's wet will break it

Yep, this one's actually true. Basically, wet hair is a lot weaker, so brushing it can damage and break it and nobody wants that!

#5 White marks on your nails are due to a calcium deficiency

This one's definitely a white lie your mum told you to get you to drink your milk! White marks on your nails don't signify a calcium deficiency (so stop panicking!) They are actually caused when you knock the base of your nails and only appear later when nails grow out.    

#6 SPF in foundation is enough to protect skin

We all know that we NEED to wear SPF and most of us think we're covered with the SPF in our foundation, right? Wrong! The problem with SPF in makeup is that in order to get the factor stated you'd have to apply it a lot thicker and more often that you naturally would. Therefore, it's better to use a day cream with SPF in before applying makeup. 

Image credit: De Lorenzo

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