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A Chip Off The Old Block

By Ally Parker
18th Jan 2015

Hear ye, hear ye! Fancy yourself a laidback British-style pub without the long flight, stale beer and even staler carpet? Look no further than old-meets-new laneway hang, and all-round excellent Sydney pub, The Chip Off The Old Block.

This transformation from gothic-revival church to Brit-Aus fusion is all thanks to mother-daughter duo Nicky and Katya Ginsberg who are embracing both the district and their family’s British heritage with this local bar. Daughter Katya is a chip off the old block herself and is walking strong in her mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps with Nicky being a gallerist, restauranteur, entrepreneur and the founding director of the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

An industrial-style fit-out of brick and exposed copper gives Chip Off The Old Block a contemporary edge. However the tabletop playing cards and ready to crack nuts encourage more socialising which makes this industrial looking space feel way more friendly than your average ‘sit and swill’ bar.

The Chip, as the locals call it, is here to transform ye olde English grub into modern day morsels, and with dishes like bacon and chip butties and paper-wrapped fish and chips, they more than hit the mark. There’ll be no Oliver Twist-esque grumbling tummies here, people. The Chip offer a hit parade of British-style grub including a smoked ocean trout pate with garden veg and chargrilled bread and plated pork scratchings with chill and black sesame spice. Channeling the area’s former working-class demographic (and coincidentally appealing to nearby students), is The Chip’s Poor Man’s Cure where between 5pm – 7pm Tuesday through Saturday, punters can enjoy a house wine or beer with Fat Chips Off The Old Block for a sprightly $8. 

Keeping drinks local, but tending to their Brit roots, drinks at The Chip are a mix of UK brews like Old Speckled Hen and classic Aussie favs like James Squire and Coopers. They’ll also be adding Newtown’s Young Henrys to their list of local suppliers soon so keep an eye out! The Artful Dodger (ginger beer, Kraken Spiced rum and lime) and Jumpin’ Jack (espresso martini with homemade vanilla vodka and white chocolate buttons) cocktails are definitely worth a sip or two and the Gin & Bear It (gin, cinnamon whiskey, orange and ginger beer with burnt cinnamon) will effortlessly erase any lingering PTSD from ill-fated cinnamon challenges. 

Back in the day, Chippendale was all cramped housing, blue-collar Brits and factories. We’re proud to say it’s since been transformed into a suburb of variety and voice with a choice crop of eateries, galleries, boutiques and The Chip, of course, who’s sitting snug down Little Queen Street waiting with an Artful Dodger in hand. 

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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