A Little Bit Of France At French Touch Crêperie

By Sophia Fukunishi
16th Jan 2015

We have much to thank the French for—cheese, wine, berets, Chanel, croissants and, of course, crepes. We say bonjour to the newest kid on the Surry Hills restaurant block.

French Touch Creperie is a new Sydney restaurant with a difference—they primarily serve crêpes and galettes. Recently opened by Julie Garrigues, the daughter of Michelin chef, Gerard Garrigues from Le Pastel in the south of France, she and her two French chefs pride themselves on the authenticity of their menu and their traditional French culinary techniques. Julie Garrigues herself is a trained Maitre-Crêpier (crêpe master) who whips up some of the best crêpes we’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

Offering a range of gourmet crêpes and savoury galettes, we see delectable ingredients including grilled salmon, ratatouille, and goats cheese temptingly top the galettes. Dishes like the je-ne-sais-quoi (chicken, asparagus, egg, and Swiss cheese) and the le grill du chef a cheval (beef burger with egg, home-made onion fondue, Swiss cheese, and home-made tomato sauce) catch our eye, but there are a couple of the signature galettes, which have captured our hearts and stomachs. 

First up, we try the oh bonne mére!, which has home-made eggplant caviar, egg, and Swiss cheese, with generous slices of chorizo gracing the top of the galette. The chorizo adds a bit of heaviness to the light dish, which we love. We then go for the sacrebleue, partially because we like to say this with a (bad) French accent and emphatic hand gestures. Go on, say it… Sacrebleue!

All of French Touch Crêperie’s galettes come with a side salad and are made with locally sourced buckwheat flour. The flour is gluten free and gives the galettes an authentic taste and texture. Winner! 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper French meal without the addition of a few French wines and drinks. Fortunately, French Touch Crêperie is not lacking in this department and provide a number of well-priced French ciders, champagne, wine, and cocktails. Look out for their happy hours where you can score these drinks for much cheaper (clearly, we’re huge supporters of the happy hour).

And now we’re onto dessert. You didn’t think we would go to a crêpe restaurant and not get a dessert, did you? There are quite a few sweet crepes on the French Touch menu, featuring fillings like lemon curd (yum!), salted caramel (double yum) and Nutella (yay!). Being the traditionalists we are (ha!), we go for La Suzette, which is that delightfully retro French dessert with caramelised orange flambéed with Cointreau and topped with grilled almonds. It is brought to the table and then the flaming Cointreau is poured over it. It’s fun to watch but be warned, it tastes very much of Cointreau so if that’s not your thing, we’d suggest going a different route—the roast pear with vanilla ice cream and almonds, perhaps?

Matching perfectly with the wonderfully French food, the restaurant itself looks and feels like a rustic French country house. It’s cosy, cute, and comfortable, and perfect for pretending like you’re in provincial France if only for a meal. 

Yep, we’re big fans of this little French restaurant in Surry Hills. If you’re looking for authentic French food in Sydney, then French Touch Creperie might be just the spot for you. Bon appétit!

Image credit: Anita Wilhelm

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