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Hit Up This Inner City Suburb To See Sydney’s Epic New Adam Goodes Mural

By Sammy Preston
12th Jun 2020

The painted mural of Adam Goodes, in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Just yesterday, Sydney was gifted with a huge new mural of legendary AFL player and all-around awesome human, Adam Goodes.

Towering across two storeys of a corner store building at the crest of the hill on Foveaux Street where it intersects Crown Steet in Surry Hills, the life-like face of Goodes was painted free of charge by artists from Sydney and Melbourne-based Apparition Media, and commissioned by the building's owner. 

The mural's artists included Hamish McBride, Laura Paige, Megan Hales, Jacqueline Butterworth and Kailin Hegel. According to The Age, the mural was supposed to be completed in February, but was halted due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Its position on Foveaux Street is en route to Sydney's home of AFL, the SCG, for punters making the crawl up from Central Station, but while sport slowly resumes around Australia and the sports reference is clear—the mural feels all the more mighty and poignant right now given the story of Goodes' career.  

If you haven't already, we highly recommend a watch of The Australian Dream, a documentary about Goodes' life, his ultimate stand against racism in this country, and the beauty and pride he found in belonging to Australia's First Nations culture. 

You can help end racial violence in Australia. Here are some ideas on how to start

Image credit: Apparition Media

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