Bang Street Food Opens on Crown Street

By Emma McNamara
16th Feb 2015

Crown Street’s newest (and potentially coolest) kid on the block, Bang Street Food, has just opened its doors and is offering up some seriously delicious, Bangladesh-inspired cuisine that’s sure to get your taste buds going! Sydney restaurant, Bang is the mighty fine, energetic collaboration between Nick Gurney (co-owner of the Cross’ Farmhouse) and Head Chef, Tapos Singha, known for his work over at Est, Lucio’s, Gowings, and Bills. With these two behind the wheel, there is no wonder Bang is being pegged as one of the best new restaurants in Sydney.

There is a stark juxtaposition that works between the simple, yet modern interior and the Bengali street-food-inspired cuisine served up, often presented on printed Bengal newspaper, just as you’d find it at the market.

If you’re in a group, opt for the banquet menu, which helps take the fuss out of ordering, ensures you’ll taste the best of the best, and lets you sit back and properly enjoy your mango lassi with a splash of rum (amazing). Whatever you choose at this new Sydney restaurant, be sure to splash out on the $2 sand-roasted-shell peanuts, where proceeds go to the Fred Hollows Foundation to help the half-million Bangladeshi blind from cataracts, who needn’t be. It’s charity for peanuts (pardon the pun).

We can’t recommend the Fuska highly enough—a yummy take on the samosa but much lighter, with spiced potato, coriander, green chilli, shaved egg, and tamarind water. The Paw Paw salad with young coconut, green mango, snake beans, spiced almonds, and mint makes us feel healthy and lets us indulge later in one (or two) Kulfi; mango ice cream sprinkled with white chocolate and pistachio. Share plates such as the honey roasted paneer with caramelised onions and peas is definitely the best thing we’ve tasted since sliced bread and the Wagyu tri tip curry with pulau rice and fluffy Naan bread is just as scrumptious as it sounds. Be sure to arrive at Bang with an empty tummy because it’s all delicious and you’ll want to try everything! This Sydney restaurant’s opened with a bang (sorry) and we can’t wait to see how the menu evolves seasonally and what Gurney and Tapos make of the place!

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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