Behind The Seams With Assembly Label

By Sophia Fukunishi
15th Feb 2015

Assembly Label is a Sydney-based clothing brand formed by dynamic design duo Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver. After the continued success of their men’s line, the pair recently delved into the world of women’s fashion. With modern yet classic designs and a focus on well-made, effortless style, things are only looking up for this local clothing label.

We chatted to the guys about their fashion inspiration, their next collection and what Sydney restaurants and bars you can find them frequenting.

TUL: First up, how did Assembly Label come about?
Damien: Dan and I had worked together previously for commercial companies, we both shared a vision of working for ourselves and maximising the benefit of our own ideas and creations. The Assembly Label was born from the notion of creating an aspirational lifestyle based around coastal living, along with the clothing and products to support it. Our unique business angle was to offer these products at accessible prices.

TUL: What does your typical day involve?
Dan: Early swims, a large strong flat white, 1,000 emails, long phone calls to factories, working with Damien on the range, sample fitting, and Spotify chill playlists. Every day is different.
Damien: As we work in seasons our days vary dramatically, one day we're on a photo shoot, another could be spent on admin. It’s really the nature of a small business.

TUL: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Dan: Travelling, looking at what people wear, blogs, books. Everywhere really. Travelling is the best because on trips you are usually not distracted and you head is in a more creative state.
Damien: Art, music, history, nature, and rare, hard-to-find places.

TUL: In three words, how would you describe your aesthetic?
Dan: Coastal, quality, clean.
Damien: Clean, refined, modern.

TUL: What’s the most common thing you guys disagree on?
Dan: I think we have very similar taste in most things so nothing major, maybe where to go for lunch.
Damien: There have been many disagreements over the years—not uncommon with any business. No one really stands out as common though, just small things that get worked out.

TUL: Where do you love to shop overseas?
Dan: Tokyo and Stockholm.
Damien: Tokyo.

TUL: And locally?
Dan: Don't shop much locally, maybe vintage.

TUL: So where are your favourite Sydney restaurants and cafes to grab a bite to eat?
Dan: Bread and Circus in Alexandria for lunch, Bodega Surry hills for dinner, or Sefa on Bondi Road.
Damien: Breakfast at Panama in Bondi, lunch at Kitchen by Mike in Alexandria, and dinner at Porch and Parlour in Bondi.

TUL: And what’s your favourite Sydney bar?
Dan: Rum Diaries in Bondi or Norfolk for lunch beers.
Damien: The Norfolk.

TUL: What can we expect from the next Assembly Label collection?
Dan: Super clean and coastal, more luxe fabrics such as silk, suede, and leather.
Damien: We are working on additional categories and developing unique products that we feel really reflect our strengths and help to portray Assembly Label’s story.

Image credit: Dominic Loneragan

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