Belly Bao Busts Into Goodgod Small Club

By Anna May - 14 Jan 2015

We’re happier than pigs in mud to announce that the street food train will continue full steam ahead in 2015 with the opening of many a new Sydney restaurant. One such addition is the mouth-watering Belly Bao which has just set up shop in Goodgod Small Club, taking the place of Jonkanoo Caribbean Jerkhouse.

Belly Bao hails from humble beginnings. Head chef Sylvia Tran paid her dues on the Sydney food market scene before scoring a cosy home at Goodgod Small Club. 

If you’ve yet to have the privilege of biting into an authentic Taiwanese bao, let us educate you. Hailing from Taiwan, the bao is a pillowy soft steamed bun shaped like a taco and wrapped around a generous helping of filling; think crispy pork belly, panko crumbed chicken breast, soft shell crab or tofu.

For those with a hefty appetite, there’s plenty (and we mean plenty) of chicken on offer, ranging from half to whole chickens – take your pick of crunchy, spicy or sticky – and crunchy wingettes that are the perfect addition to a heated round of the famous Goodgod trivia. If you’ve got yourself a sweet tooth, be sure to dive head-first into a baonana split or strawbelly bao. 

And hey there, vegan and gluten-free friends sitting in the corner, don’t think they’ve forgotten about you! Belly Bao offer some of the best Asian street food around and you are free to enjoy without a looming fear of meat or wheat.

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