Punch It, These Are Sydney’s Best New Boxing Workouts

By Will Cook
23rd Aug 2019

Sydney's Best New Boxing Workouts | Urban List Sydney

Boxing is having a big moment in Sydney right now, and it’s not too hard to see why. If you’re after a challenging, results-driven, high-intensity workout that will have you air-punching like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky—boxing’s your new go-to.

As an epic way to keep fit and de-stress, the concept has come a long way in the last decade. New boxing-inspired workouts that skip sparring in the ring, but incorporate shadowboxing as a key component of a 45-minute sweat session—have popped up all over Sydney, inspired by a trend that’s been flooding the streets of LA and New York City.

If you’re already a fan, or keen to get ducking and weaving for the first time—these are the best new boxing workouts to check out in Sydney right now.


Potts Point

Developed by a trio of in-demand Sydney fitness legends (Dan Conn,  Ellice Whichello and Andrew Pap), Hustle Boxing in Potts Point features a collection of really immersive classes inspired by the world’s most iconic hustlers. Think Beyoncé, Mick Jagger, Michael Jordan and, the original and most celebrated hustler, the Godfather (he’s the inspo for Hustle’s signature class).

Taking orders from Hustle’s world-class trainers, each class is a 50-minute 8-16 round full-body burn, set to music curated by Flight Facilities’ Hugo Gruzman.

Hustle is a beautifully designed studio with first-class equipment, but head trainer Conn argues the best thing about Hustle is the training regime itself. “There is no greater feeling than putting your gloves on and releasing the days stresses onto the bag,” he says. At Hustle Boxing we will focus on educated movement for the body and mind”.


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Fuelled by a sound system dripping in Tupac bangers, Undercard wants its fighters to throw more than a couple of sly punches. It is a full-body attack on the senses. The high intensity, 50-minute workout trains your entire body through a vigorous regime of strength and metabolic conditioning. Complementing the bass-thumping hip hop tunes, feverish pops of orange light give the dark studio a menacing aura—perfect for creating a punching vibe to get you in the mood to box. 

“Our main focus is on teaching the fundamentals of boxing,” says the team at Undercard. “The dimly-lit studio promotes a focus within one’s own personal space, to music that inspires and motivates”. Regular boxers at the Darlinghurst studio are given the full-body workout they crave, with a different style of class each day to suit any shape, size or stamina. 


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Multiple Locations

Endorsed by Danny Green (just casually), 12RND studios have been popping up all around Australia (there are 10 to choose from in Sydney right now, with a new Darlinghurst gym set to open soon). If you're keen to train like Rocky Balboa, 12RND is the closest you might get to the real deal.

Workouts at 12RND replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout, with 12  3-minute rounds and 30 seconds rest in between. Each session includes both boxing and the strength training required to condition athletes to their peak fighting shape. No need to try and fit in with set class schedules either—workouts last for just under 45 minutes, with a new round kicking off every three minutes—so you can dive in and get punching whenever suits you best. 


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Image credit: Undercard Boxing. 

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