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The Best Waterfalls In NSW

By Jessica Best
26th Jan 2018

Oh NSW, minus your questionable number of non-wins over the last decade in the State of Origin, we actually really, really do love you (no hard feelings, ‘kay?). Yep, our lovely national park-filled state is full of mountains to climb, valleys to explore and waterfalls to find and (sometimes) swim in! Oh, and it’s your duty to explore every single one of them. That’s where we come in.

There’s a whole lot to look forward to in this article including 300-metre cascades, glorious swimming holes, ocean waterways and natural rock slides, so kickback and start wanderlusting about all the adventures to come. 

Here are all the best waterfalls in NSW.

Killen Falls


Before you ask, yes you can absolutely swim in this gigantic AF swimming hole. Located between Byron and Ballina, this gem has a 10-metre waterfall at one end and secret cave you can totally sneak into and watch the falls without getting wet (in other words, bring your GoPro) at the other. You’ll have to take a short, hilly walk to get here but once you get to this landing there’s a heap of flat areas to set up for the day and you absolutely should.

Nellies Glen

Budderoo National Park

Shoutout to Nellies Glen (which lies just a touch upstream from the 50-metre Carrington Falls) for being the glorious swimming hole and pretty lil’ waterfall that it is. You’ll find this one on the South Coast of NSW and just so you know, there are rockpools and smaller waterfalls here where you can definitely get your mermaid on.

Ebor Falls

Guy Fawkes River National Park

Ebor Falls is iconic for throwing up one helluva rainbow for you to feast your eyes on. This one should definitely be a stop-off while you’re on the Waterfall Way strip and trust us, it’s just the kind that can’t be matched in photos. The Guy Fawkes River plunges 100 metres (so pretty bloody high) over two waterfalls and there are even three separate lookouts so you can score the best vantage point.


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Ellenborough Falls


About an hour’s drive north west of Taree (stick to Tourist Drive 8) this epic fall measures up at a 200-metre drop. Read that as it’s the longest single drop waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere so you really can’t afford to bypass this one. And we suggest you definitely take the 10-minute walk to The Knoll which gifts you top views of the insane shower.

Madden Falls

Dharawal Falls

Madden Falls is just pure natural beauty. Plain and simple. Surrounded by ferns, colourful flowers, and all the lush greenery ever, it’s safe to say this cascading waterway is pretty much your cheat sheet to absolute #scenicgoals. Plus, the walk is super easy so little people can totally tag along too.

Red Cedar Falls

Dorrigo National Park

You’ll want to strap on your (really good) walking shoes and navigate yourself to the biggest waterfall in this national park. Heads up, this one requires your harder than average trek to the falls. You can start your way at the Never Never picnic area (cute, huh?) and then follow the Rosewood Creek walking track which will lead you to the misty scene of Red Cedar (equipped with picnic areas and wood barbecues).

Wentworth Falls

Blue Mountains

Head towards the Blue Mountains for your dose of one of the most scenic waterfalls in Oz. Yeah, this bad boy is boasting some serious Lord Of The Rings vibes and a vista that’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. And hey, you’ll have a tonne of fun on the walking track too—it’s steep AF but you’ll be skipping and jumping over rocks like a kid. Wentworth is definitely one of the most pretty falls with Jamison Creek dropping almost 300 metres over the upper and lower falls.


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Fitzroy Falls

Morton National Park

If you haven’t heard of Fitzroy, then you must be well and truly living under a rock of some sorts because FYI everyone chases this waterfall and for a damn good reason too. This fall is wedged halfway between Moss Vale and Kangaroo Valley and drops around 80 metres before flowing into the Kangaroo River.

Minyon Falls

Nightcap National Park

You’ll find this one situated near Lismore and heads up, there’s an insanely pretty natural pool perfect for swimming in. The fall spills around 100 metres below (talk about spray guys) into a palm-shaded gorge below. There’s also a fair number of walks to do around here including the Boggy Creek walk and of course the Minyon Falls walking track.

Mumbulla Falls

Biamanga National Park

What Mumbulla Falls lacks in size (you won’t find roaring cascades of spray around here) it certainly makes up in secluded summer vibes. There are free gas barbecues around, picnic areas and tables for the perfect set up and a natural rock slide to make use of alllllll day.

Winifred Falls

Royal National Park

Winifred Falls is situated in the Royal National Park so this one’s no doubt your go-to when you’re after a quick lil’ day adventure out of the city. These falls are created by large rock shelfs that the South West Arm Creek pours over. And yes, you’re definitely taking a dip at the base of the falls. Want to know more about South West Arm Creek while you’re at it? Read this


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Curracurrong Falls

Royal National Park

Also nestled inside the National Park, Curracurrong is the incredible waterfall emptying into the ocean. Yep, you read that right. This gem spills over coastal cliffs and you’ll get the best view from Eagle Rock which gives you a full frontal view of the waterway.

Image credit: Unsplash

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