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Brace Yourself Because Bumper Cars On Ice Is A Thing

By Natasha Gamra - 25 Mar 2019

Bumper Cars On Ice Sydney | Urban List

Who here loves dodgem cars? Ok, stupid question because we’re all big kids at heart. Well, this coming winter, all of your carnival dreams are about to come true because “Bumper Cars on Ice” is a thing and it’s headed to Sydney.

Basically, it's exactly as it sounds. You'll be careering into your mates in ice-ready bumper cars (that look a little bit like neon-lit inflatable ski biscuits). Same as dodgem cars, except a little more slippery, and a bit more chilly. 

Head over here for tickets asap. 


What: Bumper Cars On Ice
When: August 2019
Where: Ice Zoo, 689 Gardeners Road, Alexandria
Cost: $38

Have you heard about this very nostalgic Disney-inspired degustation?

Image credit: Supplied. 

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