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Satisfy All Of Your Cannoli Cravings With These Super Special DIY Cannoli Kits

By Sammy Preston
17th Oct 2020

A tray of fresh cannoli.

Look, there’s just something about cannoli. Light and crispy on the outside, smooth and velvety on the inside, filled with ricotta, chocolate, or vanilla, and dusted with pistachio crumbs, this special Sicilian treat is one of the world’s best.

And while Sydney does have a thriving community of brilliant cannoli makers (a list of our favourites can be found here), we were pretty excited to learn that the Melbourne-based cannoli masters at Cannoleria had plans to ship their perfectly crunchy cannoli all around the country for everyone to indulge in.

Basically, they have partnered with Co/Lab Pantry to create a set of DIY cannoli kits that can be delivered directly to your door. Now, don’t worry, you won’t be expected to master the art of the golden, crunchy cannoli shell. DIY kits come with either 12 ready-made mini cannoli shells or six large cannoli shells, a 450g piping bag filled with Cannoleria’s signature Sicilian ricotta filling, crushed pistachio, and icing sugar.

All you need to do is fill your cannoli, dust with your desired pistachio and sugar—and you’re all set.

Cannoleria’s DIY cannoli boxes start at $24 plus delivery. Order them once, or lock yourself in for a monthly subscription—we know you love cannoli that much. More details are here

To find Sydney's tastiest cannoli, jump over here. Love the idea of getting dessert delivered? You'll want to check out this list too. 

Image credit: Cannoleria

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