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Danny Morse Opens Tonight At Chalk Horse Gallery

By Jacqui Thompson
10th Oct 2013

Contemporary artist Danny Morse's 'En Court' opens tonight at Chalk Horse gallery, working with acrylic paints, Morse references the geometry of multi-purpose sports courts through the eyes of 20th century Abstraction.

Taking cues from some of the greats, including Kandinsky and Diebenkorn, Morse utilises vibrant colours and plays with the effects of imperfect geometric shapes. The hierarchy between the network of demarcation lines and the plane of voids, becomes blurred when viewing Morse's works—a landscape where one's focus is constantly shifting.

Head down to Chalk Horse gallery in Surry Hills for a 6pm start. 

Chalk Horse is a contemporary gallery space run by a collective of Australian artists, including notable artists Jasper Knight and Oliver Watts. The gallery exhibits works by Australian and international artists and is focused upon promoting Australian artists internationally. 

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