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Discover Sydney Craft Beer With Dave’s Brewery Tours

By Trey Ho - 17 Jan 2015

Dave’s Brewery Tours is named after Dave (surprise, surprise), a walking encyclopedia of beer wisdom and all-around great guy. He’s been around the world and back on a quest for beer nirvana and through his journey he’s developed a profound appreciation for the independent craftsman. Now, back in Sydney, he’s teamed up with the best of them from the Inner West to the Northern Beaches in order to share his passion with those thirsty for quality beer and an honest good time.

We love things to do in Sydney that are a little different, a little educational and a little boozy, so Dave’s Brewery Tours was basically everything we wanted. We opted for the Hipsters & Hops Saturday tour with instructions to meet at the Sydney Coach Terminal near Central Station at 11am. As we approached, Dave, armed with a clipboard, an air-conditioned mini-bus, and an esky full of cold water and pretzels, introduced himself, made sure everyone was comfortable, and just like that we were off to the first stop in Newtown.

The beer stories started flowing almost immediately and a sense of camaraderie began to build despite most of us not knowing each other. From the get-go we were provoked to evaluate our relationship with beer, not in a first-year uni way that would have us recounting the times we got totally smashed and made bad decisions—it’s really not that kind of tour—but in a way that got us fired up about the experience ahead.

With each of the three breweries we visited (in our case Young Henrys, Batch Brewing, and Rocks Brewing), Dave and his team walked us behind the pipes and in between the large stainless steel tanks to explain first-hand the brewing process. What we gained was a newfound respect for the hard work and dedication that went into the very beer we were drinking, making it taste all the better. And although Dave promotes drinking better beer rather than a lot of beer, we were able to sample just about every single variety of beer and cider each brewery produced, like a veritable beer buffet.

Sweetening the deal even further, if you bothered to tally up every component of the tour, from all-day transport to the copious amounts of craft beer, Dave’s Brewery Tours would actually save you loads of cash compared to doing something similar on your own. Plus it’d be a lot more work on your part, and who wants that?

Take it from us, whether you’re an aspiring home brewer or you barely know the difference between a coaster and a koozie, all you have to do is show up with a positive attitude and the rest will be, as Dave puts it, one great day.

For more information visit Dave's Brewery Tours.

Image credit: Susan Lee

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