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The Best Winery Tours You Can Do With Your Dog In NSW

By Jessica Best
12th Jun 2018

winery tours with your dog nsw

Let’s get real Sydney, pet-friendly wineries are our favourite kind. Plus, it’s the 21st Century and our pets are too extra to be left at home. Like, way too extra.

And the whole point boils down to getting your vino on while your four-legged pooch (and the reason you have any zest for life) simultaneously laps it up in the great outdoors and gives its heightened olfactory senses a bit of a natural whirl. Because Fido is a hard-werkin’ city dog who deserves a sneaky getaway. He also likes long walks in the vineyard and a glass of chardonnay from time to time.

Here are the best winery tours you can do with your dog in New South Wales.

Capercaillie Wines

Hunter Valley

Bring along your little furry friend and all your OTT drinking buds because Capercaillie Wines welcomes both. Located in the picturesque Lovedale, right in the middle of the Hunter, this winery sports some of Australia’s best tipples and while your lapping it up and ‘sampling’ all the vino at the bar, your lil’ pup can totally chill by your side or play outside near the dam and do what dog’s do best (get down and dirty).

winery tours with your dog nsw

Misty Glen Wines


Dogs (most animals really) are all the rave at Misty Glen Wines and whether this will be more enjoyable for you or your four-legged friend, we really can’t confirm. Your furry companion is allowed to chill inside, take a leisurely dog stroll in the vineyard and even take a splash in the dam. There are a number of areas your pooch can run young, wild and free but you’ll just have to flag Fido’s outdoor shenanigans with the owners before he goes all HAM on sticks n’ stuff while you’re four glasses deep in a full-body red of sorts.

Dryridge Estate

Blue Mountains

Dog-parents can rest assured they’ll be well catered for alongside their furry little mutts at Dryridge Estate because the only thing more popular than the cheese platters on offer on this wine tour is the fact that your doggo gets to live the full-on pup dream of frolicking endlessly across the plains. Needless to say, your pup will also thoroughly enjoy letting the breeze ruffle his fur through an open car window as you drive through Megalong Valley. Because one human’s cow manure is another dog’s new car smell.

winery tours with your dog nsw

Grape Escape

Southern Highlands

If tasting over twenty wines and keeping your pooch close-by sounds like your type of gig, Grape Escape has you well covered, keep doing you guys. Yep, while you’re exercising your absolute fail-of-an-attempt to impress even the world’s worst sommelier (“Mmm you can really taste the terroir...”) your pup will be chillin’ like a villain and soaking up the rays outside.

Shut The Gate

Snowy Mountains

Shut The Gate is the type of place where if you don’t have a dog, you’ll inevitably just want one so you can watch it lose its shiz over all the greenery and lush outdoor beauty ever. This one’s more of a wine tasting room (not complaining) and you’ll be able to picnic out under the sun with an impressive line-up of warm bread. As for your little four-legged friend, she’ll either be snoozing at your feet while you realise you might have indulged a little too much or channelling her inner Lassie.

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