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Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded

By Sophia Fukunishi
22nd Feb 2015

Threading is slowly becoming more popular in Sydney for those commited to tending to their brows. We chatted to Sydney eyebrow threading expert, Milla Herath from Bombay Brow Bar about five things you should know before going down the threading path because we all know overcoming the effects of a bad eyebrow job can take foreeeever.

So what is threading exactly? Originating in India 6,000 years ago, eyebrow threading involves a thread (duh) that’s doubled, then twisted. It’s rolled over unwanted hair, removing it by the follicle. The bonus of threading it that it can remove the shortest of hairs that not even tweezers can get to and it’s also said to be more precise in shaping eyebrows and much gentler on the skin. Okay, okay, we admit it can be painful, but if you’re in the right hands, this pain is minimised (plus it’s worth it to get perfectly groomed brows!).

So, before you take the plunge into the world of threading, here are five things you should know.

1. Find somewhere that specialises in shaping brows.

It all starts with placing emphasis on the shape, as your brows are the most important feature on your face. Not all threaders are created equal and understand the fundamentals behind shaping eyebrows, so it’s important to find someone you trust.

Most good places start with a combination of tweezing and threading as you don’t want to leave anything to do with your brows to chance. Tweezing is done first to get the initial shape and then following the initial tweeze, threading removes excess hair around the shape quickly and efficiently.

2. Do your research.

Don’t go into any old place without having done your research first. Go for somewhere that specialises in threading, not just a salon that has it hidden in their list of services. Professional eyebrow threaders need to know the correct angles to hold the thread, how to control the tension so you don't cut someone, or worse, take too much off! Threaders should be highly trained and experienced because choosing a brow threader is about as important as choosing your hair stylist.  

3. Make sure you are included in the process of shaping your brows.

If someone ever just sits you down without studying your brows and face and just starts attacking your brows to get you in and out quickly, then get your bag and run for the door!

Your threader should never just follow the shape you currently have as that might not be the right shape for your face. A good brow technician/artist will invest the time to really study your face and give you their honest opinion.

4. Getting your brows done is more like getting your hair cut and less like getting your legs waxed.

Most people treat it like a simple hair removal exercise and like they are just getting rid of unwanted hair. If you were removing hair on the rest of your face (like your upper lip) that mentality is fine, but this kind of thinking will not fly for your brows. Anyone can remove hair, but not just anyone can shape—it’s an acquired skill.

Find someone who is great at shaping and at threading and invest the time to have regular visits (every two to three weeks) to maintain them once you have had your initial consult. Going to different places on a whim is how you get your brows ruined. 

5. Waxing is not good for the face.

The heat and the stretching alone can burn your skin, give you wrinkles and cause saggy, droopy upper lids. You can even get bacterial infections as the skin is raw and susceptible after a wax as it removes a layer of skin. Your brow technician should be looking at your brows while you are sitting up straight, with your feet firmly on the ground just like getting your hair cut, otherwise you will get lopsided brows. 

Sydney Brow salon, Bombay Brow Bar is located in Sydney’s CBD. For more information on the services they provide, give them a call on 0404 111 233.

Image credit: Style Bistro

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