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Scare Yourself Silly Inside FLIGHT, The Chilling Flight Simulator Landing In Sydney This Year

By Catherine Blake
6th Jan 2020

From Darkfield Australia, the guys that brought Australia that terrifying shipping container, SÉANCE, brace yourselves for the newest multi-sensory blowout: FLIGHT.

Having already scared most of Perth and Melbourne already, both of Darkfield's SÉANCE and FLIGHT interactive installations are due to hit Sydney this year. 

Here's what you're in for if you're keen to hit the SÉANCE: participants head into a container, take a seat and put on a set of headphones. Leaving their hands flat on the table, they receive "suggestible information" through the headsets for 20 minutes while sitting in complete darkness.

Sure, this doesn’t sound too scary until you realise that the whole experience is more like a psychological experiment to mess with us, because though the only senses being engaged are touch and sound, the audio is designed to make punters conjure up imagery and question what is real and what isn’t. So, instead of genuinely conjuring the supernatural, SÉANCE's creepy weirdness comes from INSIDE OUR OWN HEADS.

If you'd rather scare yourself with your biggest plane fears, steer towards FLIGHT (well...nervous flyers best stay away). Taking your seat in a section of an actual airplane salvaged from a plane graveyard, you'll be plunged into impenetrable darkness while eerie sounds surround you—leaving you to believe you may or may not land safely, even though you never took off at all. 

Naturally, these installations are not recommended for the claustrophobic, or anyone suffering a heart condition. 

For now, the Sydney details for when SÉANCE and FLIGHT actually hit Sydney are on the hush-hush (other than it will be some time this year), so stay tuned for ticketing details, location and locked-in dates. You can scope out more about SÉANCE and FLIGHT, including a trailer for FLIGHT, right here.

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