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Get In Line, This Mini Hot Point Joint Is Giving Out Free Mooncakes

By Jessica Best
10th Sep 2019


If it’s free food you’re after this Moon Festival, then it’s free food you’re going to get. 

As a shining gem on any Sydney foodie’s bucket list (especially if you give a damn about noodles, sliced meats and simmering broths), on a good day, you’ll find YX Mini Hot Pot steaming up an absolute feast. 

However, on a great day, you’ll find the crew here churning out free eats because well, they just can.

To celebrate this year’s Moon Festival (a two-week tradition that heroes the silvery September full moon), the legends at YX Mini Hot Pot will be handing out free mooncakes this Friday between 12pm and 9pm. Traditionally eaten during the festival as a sacrifice to the harvest moon, you can expect these tasty mooncakes to be filled with red bean or lotus seed paste.

Head here for more info on where you can find free mooncakes in Sydney.

Image credit: Huong Co.

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