Get Ready To Sweat, These Are Sydney’s Toughest Workouts

By Ally Parker
15th Nov 2019

Barry's Bootcamp

It wouldn’t be life in Sydney without a new, hectic workout. So, if you’re someone who likes to push their body to the limit, sweat it out to the max and hit the gym instead of the pub at lunch, then this one’s for you.

Behold the toughest workouts in Sydney. Your new sweat obsession awaits.

Barry’s Bootcamp

CBD, Surry Hills, Kings Cross

Lauded as the best workout in the world, Barry’s boasts high-intensity, all-body workouts that burn up to 1,000 calories a session, thanks to dedicated coaches and the magic of its pumping red room.

Barry's classes are split into two. You'll cover cardio, where you're running hard on the treadmill for set intervals, and then strength training, where you'll navigate hefty weights on the floor. The focus of the strength portion of the class shifts daily to allow recovery: arms and abs, chest, back and abs, abs and ass, or full body are all on rotation. Expect tip-top instructors, carefully curated playlists and, at some locations, epic post-workout smoothie bars (honestly some of the best protein shakes we've ever had). You'll absolutely leave on a high note. 

Orange Theory

Multiple locations

Orange Theory does not mess around. Using heart-rate monitors and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption know-how—translated to how many calories can I burn on the couch later on? The team at Orange Theory take a simple hour at the gym and turn it into so much more. Get ready to tick multiple fitness goals off at once because this one’s a definite all-rounder.

Muay Thai

CBD, North Sydney, Brookvale, Mona Vale

The answer to your lacklustre workouts just might be Bikini Bods, an all-female, Muay Thai-based fitness offering that’ll make you feel all sorts of superhuman. A form of martial arts originating in Thailand, Muay Thai involves upper and lower body movements, kicks, punches, and jabs with knees and elbows. Essentially, it’s one hell of a workout each and every time you train. Put this one on your list if you love a motivating group environment, cool tunes, tiptop trainers and the ability to boast that you could, “totally take on anyone”.


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Rose Bay

Fit1 has a strong emphasis on form and is one of the most supportive of the list with an on-the-ground coach as well as live video demos for the entirety of your 45-minute workout. You can expect loads of skips, push-ups, twists, lifts, squats, press and slams. If circuit training isn’t enough to tempt you, Fit1 also hold bag-based boxing sessions i.e. no awkward pad holding.



Never heard the term "boutique rowing studio" before? Saddle up, because Crew offers one hell of a workout. Rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, and the team at Crew know this all too well. Jump on the handcrafted timber water rowers for a high-burn, low-impact workout that will give your arms, legs, back and core some tough love.


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From strength to HIIT and conditioning classes this functional training gym in Bondi is the place for small group (think five to ten) athlete-level workouts. In case you were wondering, AGOGA is pronounced ‘ah-go-jyah’ and is the Spartan word for the regimen used to create a class of warrior citizens, make of that what you will.

Women of Treign


A premium fitness facility catering exclusively to ladies, Women of Treign is one of those places you go to thinking you’ll try it once, but end up telling every man, woman, child and barista about your Treign gains.

WoT isn’t about thigh gaps and petite arms; it’s tailored, one-on-one goal setting and small group classes specialising in strength and conditioning. So, if you’re one of those girls who want to smash the idea of simply being fit, this is the spot.


Surry Hills, Paddington, Mosman

We’ll forgive you if the word Megaformer gives you straight up Transformers vibes; it’s an easy mistake to make. Especially as these next-level Pilates reformers are a few leg extensions away from becoming total beasts. Physicore’s signature class, the 50-minute Megaformer session, uses Lagree fitness to target just about every muscle in the body, and if you make it through the first class hump, you’ll build lean muscle, strengthen your core and burn some serious calories. Some have come to call this form of exercise "evil pilates", but despite the pain, the results are real. 


Surry Hills

A killer of a cardiovascular workout, Cyclogy Club’s advanced rhythm riding sessions run for 50 minutes and distinguish themselves from regular RPM (or even Cycology’s standard classes) with synchronised upper body movements, weight tracks and the kind of non-stop cycling that requires multiple sweat towels. Seriously, get ready to sweat. The Surry Hills-based studio also holds regular mindfulness workshops and has a Fascia Stretch Therapist on hand too.  Which, in case you missed the whole vibe here, you’ll probably need.


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