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Meet The Speakers Leading Getting The Gig Live, Urban List’s Brand New Career Panel

By Sammy Preston
23rd Jan 2020

getting the gig live sydney

Our brand new panel series, Getting the Gig Live: Champions of Change, is set to kick off in Sydney very soon. 

In case you missed all the sweet details, Getting the Gig Live is a panel series designed to help you kick your career into gear or amp up your side hustle. In February, our panel will focus on sustainability and exactly how you can turn your passion for the planet into a purposeful career path.


What: Urban List presents Getting the Gig Live: Champions of Change
When: Wednesday 12 February, 6 - 8pm
Where: Darlo Country Club, Darlinghurst
Tickets: Are available here. $30 includes welcome drink, delicious canapes and goodie bag. 

We’ve gathered a few leaders in the game across a mixed bag of industries to charge up some extra-interesting conversation on the topic.

Curious to know who’s on the panel and what they’re all about? Here’s a quick rundown of each of our awesome, inspired speakers. 

Mary Lou Ryan, Co-Founder | bassike

Long before sustainability was a trending search term in the world of fashion, Sydney-born label bassike had developed their brand of luxury everyday basics around the idea of a more environmentally conscious wardrobe. 

“We launched bassike in 2006 with a range of organic cotton jersey staples,” explains bassike co-founder Mary Lou Ryan. “We have since expanded into women's and men's wear mainline collections, denim, accessories and footwear, but our sustainability philosophy remains top of mind; always treating people and planet with respect, lightening our environmental impact and continually evaluating how we do things.”

“As a fashion business, we also have a responsibility to keep up with consumer demands and expectations, and sustainability is rightfully becoming a non-negotiable for customers.”

Shannon Jaquith Chrisp, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility Director | The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a household name in Australia—their cruelty-free, ethical beauty range has been around since 1989 and it’s their mission to become one of the most ethical and sustainable beauty companies in the world.

Shannon Jaquith Chrisp has over two decade’s worth of experience in brand strategy both here in Australia and in the U.S., and these days she’s using her brand know-how to deliver the message of The Body Shop’s sustainability message. 

Dean Jones, Founder And CEO | GlamCorner

In a style era that’s striving hard to be more sustainable, it’s all about buying less and choosing well—and the rental fashion market is on the up, big-time. Leading the way in Australia across the last decade has been GlamCorner, founded by husband and wife duo Dean Jones and Audrey Khaing-Jones back in 2012. 

For Dean, GlamCorner’s amazing circular economy model made sense given the environmental impact of single-use purchases—you know, the beautiful dress you splashed out on for that friend’s wedding that’s been gathering dust ever since he or she said “I do”—GlamCorner asks, what if you could rent, rather than own it? 

"As the population continues to grow and demand for clothing and on-trend styles increases, we believe it is our responsibility to offer a sustainable alternative for consuming fashion and apparel," explains Dean. "Australians discard six tonnes of clothes every 10 minutes, so by giving access to a rented wardrobe of over 20,000 garments from our website, this allows our customers to experiment with trends and styles that they would likely have only worn once anyway."

"In providing a platform for hundreds of thousands of our customers to share tens of thousands of articles of clothing we are essentially removing the need to manufacture 95% of the clothing in circulation and in doing so significantly reduce the environmental footprint of that clothing." 

Kirstin Hunter, Managing Director | Future Super

If you’re someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about their superannuation—like what exactly that steadily growing pool of retirement money does before you’re ready to use it—you’ll want to start paying attention to Future Super. With Kirstin Hunter as Managing Director, Future Super is one of Australia’s leading ethical super funds—investing in clean energy (no fossil fuels here) as well as other environmentally and socially responsible causes, all with the idea of building a future worth retiring into.

Kirstin’s background is in law, where she began her career as a solicitor at Freehills before moving into specialist financial services strategy. And while she was doing all of that, Kirstin found time to do pro-bono work for nonprofits like the Aboriginal Trust Fund Remuneration Scheme, OzHarvest and Whitelion; she’s chaired the board of the Youth Food Movement Australia and founded Aussie Babywearers for Refugees.

"It's critical that businesses embrace sustainable practices because, in a large part, man-made climate change is a direct result of businesses driving environmentally unsustainable practices in pursuit of growth at all cost," Kirstin says.

"This needs to change. As a business community, we need to do our part to shift the role of business—aligning our practices to community expectations and leading the government if necessary."


Getting the Gig Live will be hosted at after-work institution Darlo Country Club. As for who will be pouring the wine on the night, you’ll be treated to all the tastiest natural and organic wine from the legendary DRNKS.

Your goodie bag will be stacked with treats from Eco StoreKIND natural muesli bars, vouchers for Ecomono store, Johnny Be Good vegan condoms, LOVEBYT vegan toothpaste, and beauty brand The Body Shop, to help you live more eco-friendly on your day-to-day. 

For more info and tickets to Getting the Gig Live, click here.

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